Nita Strauss Net Worth

Nita Strauss Net Worth – Income, Cars, Salary & Lifestyle

Nita Strauss Net Worth – Income, Cars, Salary & Lifestyle:

Music runs in her family; her father James Strauss was a classical musician in the 1970s who played in the band Jiva. Nita Strauss enjoys an illustrious musical heritage through both of her parents.

Nita has been the touring guitar player for Alice Cooper since 2014 and is the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars. Her talent has earned her regular features on magazine covers worldwide such as Guitar World and Guitar Player, plus she writes a column for Guitar World’s ‘Drop Dead Shred’ series.

Her career has seen her perform with numerous heavy metal and rock bands such as Consume the Fire, Femme Fatale and Critical Hit, among others. Additionally, she has featured on multiple music videos and television shows.

In 2018, she released her debut solo album, Controlled Chaos, released by Sumerian Records. The record skyrocketed onto Billboard charts at No. 1 Top New Artist, No. 3 Label Independent, No. 4 Hard Music, No. 8 Rock and No. 20 iTunes Rock chart positions; its lead single “Mariana Trench” was chosen by WWE as the official theme song for NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

At the age of 13, she began her professional guitar career and has since toured around the world with various artists such as Alice Cooper and Demi Lovato.

Her guitar talents and enthusiasm have earned her endorsements from brands like Ibanez, Dunlop manufacturing, Bogner amplification, Boss Corporation, Roland Corporation, GHS, Rocktron and Krog. Additionally, she has appeared on countless TV shows and movies.

Strauss has an impressive guitar skill and has mastered the art of playing multiple styles of music. She is particularly passionate about shredding and has studied under great shred masters such as Steve Vai and Satch, showing that passion pays off!

In her free time, she runs a guitar clinic and workshop series from her home in Los Angeles. Fans come from around the globe to attend these sessions and workshops.

The guitarist has been happily dating Josh Villalta for four years. They are open about their relationship on social media accounts.

As a result of her work with the Iron Maidens, she has earned a place of honor within heavy metal circles. Her talent and ability to play guitar serve as an inspiring inspiration to all those who admire her talent.

She has collaborated with numerous renowned bands, such as The Iron Maidens, Alice Cooper, Femme Fatale and Critical Hit. Additionally, she is a member of the American Women’s Alliance and has featured in several music videos.

Her debut album, Controlled Chaos, has been met with critical acclaim from numerous reviewers for its unique blend of psychedelic rock, industrial music and hard rock.

She has also served as guitar instructor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Her teaching experience encompasses private lessons and group classes for students of all ages and abilities. Additionally, she frequently guest lectures at the University of California Los Angeles; additionally, she’s been featured on many podcasts and radio shows and performed live in concert with several bands.

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