Nick Bare Net Worth

Nick Bare Net Worth

Nick Bare is a fitness coach and entrepreneur. He is also a published author. Nick is the founder of the Embrace The Suck Training Program.

Nick’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million dollars. His income is mostly from his business (Bare Performance Nutrition), a fitness blog, and public speaking. There’s a small chunk of money he makes from advertisements on his YouTube channel and his social media handles.

He’s also the inventor of the Embrace the Suck training program. Nick is a successful runner who is also a bodybuilder. Nick has participated in various national marathons. In fact, he’s completed the Leadville 100 mile marathon within the legal 30-hour limit.

Nick Bare is also the creator of the Bare Performance Nutrition supplement brand. According to reports, the firm has made $6 million in revenue when last reported. It also has a number of products in the duffel sack and shaker/water bottle range.

In addition, Nick has created several video products such as a vlog about his time in the army. He has been featured in several news networks. For instance, he appeared on Fox & Friends in February of 2020. Although he has not disclosed any information about his personal life, Nick does have a pet dog named Doodle.

Nick has a large social media following. Currently, his Instagram page has over 582K followers. He also has a podcast called the Bare Performance podcast. However, he’s not as famous as his fellow fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur Cameron Maly.

Nick Bare has been in the news for a number of reasons. He was involved in a romance with another YouTuber, Stefany Banda. The two got engaged in December 2018. They announced on their respective social media accounts that they were planning to marry in late 2020. A few months later, they were married in October. Both Nick and Stefany have two children together.

Nick has been known to write about his experiences in the army and share some of his favorite workout videos. One of the more popular of these is his “WHY I RUN” video. Other videos include the aforementioned vlog and workout routine clips.

Nick is a fitness buff and has several other hobbies such as working out and playing sports bike. While he’s at it, he has a passion for writing. As a matter of fact, he is a certified copywriter.

Among other things, Nick has written a book entitled 25 Hours a Day. Although the book itself is not a bestseller, it did help increase his net worth. During his deployment in South Korea, he was able to earn extra cash. This is a big deal to a military member, as it means more time to spend with his loved ones.

When asked what his favourite thing to do is, Nick replied, “A lot of running, biking, surfing and weight lifting.” Obviously, these are his hobbies. However, he also enjoys the simple act of living a healthy lifestyle.

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