Net Worth Of Perry Stone

Perry Stone Net Worth

Perry Stone is well known as an author, evangelist and minister in Christian television programs and has amassed considerable wealth since establishing them. His works have had a positive influence on many lives while his devotion to his faith has been recognized in the community. Furthermore, Perry has contributed his time and money towards charitable work as well as other worthwhile causes that benefit others.

Voice of Evangelism Ministries in Cleveland, Tennessee was established by Michael Stone. His ministry includes publishing books, hosting the Manna-Fest radio program on Trinity Broadcasting Network radio stations worldwide and an international conference. They have also published audio teaching albums. Stone himself is well known as an author who has produced over forty books and booklets as well as over 100 videos and DVDs since 2000 – his ministry pays the network $4 Million per year in air time fees! According to their last Form 990 filing with the IRS his ministry currently pays the network $4 Million each year in air time fees!

Stone recently preached sermons stating that God desires for women to submit to their husbands, warning that wives who withhold sexual contact from their husbands risk inviting Jezebel spirit into the home and placing hexs or curses upon President Donald Trump. Additionally, anti-Trump Democrats were accused of being demon-possessed and conspiring against Trump with this agenda.

Stone remains committed to his ministry despite all the controversy, continuing to preach regularly as well as make regular appearances on television and radio programs and sell books successfully. Furthermore, his YouTube channel boasts over 600k subscribers which generate about $86,000 yearly in income for him.

Pastor and Pamela live together in Cleveland, Tennessee with two children–a son and a daughter. Over his career they have provided him with strength and support from within his own family unit.

Perry Stone is an American-ordained bishop, author, and international evangelist with an extraordinary charisma. He belongs to a Pentecostal denomination associated with International ministry center of Cleveland Tennessee and boasts a large following. At his core is an affirmation of fundamental doctrine such as the Bible’s power of redemption through Christ and incarnation, with 2023 estimates placing his net worth at roughly $1.5 Million. He has become well-known for his books such as The Code of the Holy Spirit and How to Interpret Dreams and Visions. Additionally, he is an evangelist leading one of America’s fastest-growing ministries: Voice of Evangelism. Additionally, he manages several businesses and charitable projects.

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