Munaf Ali Net Worth

Munaf Ali Net Worth

Munaf Ali is an accomplished entrepreneur and businesswoman with an impressive net worth. Married to an established Dubai entrepreneur and owning her own premium fruit cake brand, Munaf lives with her family in an exquisite sea-facing mansion located in Palm Valley – proudly raising Sophia Bella Ali, Nour Ali, and Ayan Ali whom she often shares details about their lives through social media posts.

Munaf’s Instagram feed is filled with lavish travel photos from her travels around the world and she can always be found attending some of the hottest parties in town.

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According to various sources, Munaf’s husband boasts an estimated net worth of over $1 billion. With 20+ years experience working in financial services and running various companies like Phoenix Store, Egrr Consultants, Second Citizenship Consultants and more he holds several Bachelor degrees including International Finance from Cass Business School London before founding his own firm in 2007. Before founding it he briefly worked at Citibank before forming his own.

Munaf’s business flourished after he recognized that many people sought to obtain second citizenship as a way out from visa restrictions and travel restrictions. Seizing on this opportunity, he launched his own company to assist individuals gain second citizenship in countries such as Saint Kitts and Nevis – now one of the most popular worldwide with major success following Brexit.

Munaf is currently the CEO of Phoenix Technologies Consultants and an authorized Bitmain distributor for the Middle East region. Additionally, his ventures include Second Citizenship Consultants and 88HOUSE; in addition, he owns shares in Range Hospitality. His 88HOUSE hotel has become one of the top tourist destinations near Bluewaters Island in Dubai, UAE. Spanning 65000 sq ft, guests can take part in numerous activities at this luxurious space. Munaf and Nina are an adorable couple who live in a stunning sea-view mansion. Although both their schedules can be busy, they still manage to spend quality time with their three children when possible; planning regular vacations to exotic locales. At over 10 years of marriage, they remain deeply in love. Sharing an extremely tight bond, both are supportive of each other’s endeavors, making the two an unstoppable team in life and have inspired many to follow in their footsteps and follow their dreams aspirations.

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