Mozzy Net Worth 2021

Mozzy Net Worth 2021

Are You A Hip Hop Music Lover? Mozzy is an American rapper known for his powerful lyrics that capture the harsh realities of street life. In addition, Mozzy has been involved with various philanthropic initiatives in Sacramento California supporting youth programs.

Mozzy Patterson was born Timothy Cornell Patterson on June 24, 1987 in Oak Park, Sacramento County of California in the United States and was raised by his grandmother after his mother succumbed to cocaine addiction and his father was imprisoned. He dropped out of high school before later earning his GED certificate. While working various jobs to support himself he decided in 2010 to launch his rapping career.

His first song to garner him fame was his critically-acclaimed 2015 album Bladadah which gained him worldwide popularity and critical acclaim. Since then he has released many more albums which became hits. Additionally, AK-47 and Puma have collaborated with him to launch clothing lines as well as partner with him on clothing releases; plus he maintains a YouTube channel which generates substantial income through ads and live performances.

Gee O Gee lives in a lavish house in Los Angeles California USA with her wife Gee O Gee and two children, leading an extremely private life; not discussing much about it on social media platforms such as Instagram. Spending his money lavishly on weapons, jewellery and cars.

Mozzy’s musical style stands out as being refreshing and innovative in the genre of hip-hop rap music. His dark and gritty raps complement perfectly his rich production. Furthermore, Mozzy is also involved with several other business ventures as well as providing charitable donations within his local community.

In 2021, he collaborated with YG and released their single Bompton to Oak Park which received overwhelming fan praise. An accomplished musician himself, he is an inspiration to others as a great influence and role model.

He currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million as the result of hard work and dedication towards his career. He has collaborated with countless artists, becoming an established artist in hip-hop. He has worked tirelessly over time to establish his name, becoming one of the most successful rappers in America. Additionally, he is dedicated to charitable work and serves as an inspirational figure among youths. With great potential and continued success ahead of him in his career. He is currently signed to Empire Distribution, Livewire Entertainment and Blackmarket Records and boasts an enormous following on social media – over 1.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel alone! Additionally, he’s an exceptional singer who regularly performs LIVE concerts to please his fan base – plus many future projects which will increase his net worth!

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