Momma Redd Net Worth

Momma Redd – The Prankster Parents, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Boyfriend & All Facts

Jessika The Prankster’s Parents, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Boyfriend & All Facts

American YouTuber Jessika Redd is well-known for posting entertaining prank videos to her social media accounts. With millions of followers and income earned through YouTube advertising revenue streams alone, Redd is making waves both with her audience and through making money off it as well.

She has built up her fortune through hilarious pranks that make people laugh – her videos have been watched by millions around the world!

She has not only gained success on YouTube but has also found great success working in television. Her work on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has allowed her to earn considerable wealth as one of its leading cast members since its premiere.

This show is broadcasted on VH1 network and has quickly become incredibly popular with viewers. While some have voiced criticism against it, despite this success continues unabated.

Jessika has made an enormous amount of money through posting various prank videos to Instagram and YouTube. Her mother often serves as inspiration behind these pranks; encouraging Jessika to pursue her goals.

Her videos always contain an element of surprise that leaves viewers on edge, with over 4.4 million views for one video entitled ‘Hiding my moms cigarettes gone wrong?”.

Regarding her personal life, she prefers not getting involved in any relationships or affairs; instead she is focused on furthering her career goals and is determined to succeed at them.

Life Path 6 describes her as someone who enjoys serving humanity for greater causes. She feels deeply for those suffering and finds great pleasure in providing assistance. Additionally, she is very generous, often sharing her wealth with those less fortunate – something which her fans appreciate and have shown by their generous donations – they also love how she treats family and friends; all wanting her career to succeed quickly with full faith she will achieve it soon enough.

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