Mike Gillislee Net Worth

Mike Gillislee Net Worth

Mike Gillislee Net Worth is an American football player currently playing running back for the New England Patriots. Born November 1 in DeLand, Florida and 5 ft 11 in height, Gillislee played high school and college football at DeLand High School before being selected by Miami Dolphins (round 5) as number 164 overall during 2013 NFL draft. Since then he has also joined Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots.

As of late, it appears that he has been engaged in rebuilding his image following some off-field issues. Recently, reports indicate he now sports a new hairstyle and clothing line thanks to his fiancee; many are pleased for him while some remain critical. Yet somehow despite all criticism he remains positive and continues his professional athlete journey.

He made an impressionful debut with the team in 2018, gaining 383 yards on 104 carries and scoring five touchdowns. However, in his second season as Dion Lewis took over his duties, he struggled and became injured for most of the final two games before sitting out the playoffs altogether. It is expected that his performance will improve significantly come 2019-20 and we are hopeful for an explosive third year with New England Patriots as he remains one of their premier running backs.

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