Michael Roberts Net Worth

Michael Roberts Net Worth

Michael Roberts is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $10 Million due to his amazing literary works that have won the hearts of poetry enthusiasts across the world. This success can be attributed to hard work in his career and making wise decisions throughout life; additionally he has participated in charitable initiatives as well as mentoring up-and-coming poets.

Michael was raised in Philadelphia and excelled at school from an early age. His mother encouraged his talent as an exceptional writer; in his teens, he started writing short stories and poetry before starting his own publishing company in 1984 and publishing his first book; shortly thereafter he moved onto writing films himself and producing them as well as producing them himself with great success. Since then he has won multiple awards and accolades while being featured in multiple movies with a successful acting career to match!

Michael has also established himself as an accomplished businessman and investor, owning numerous companies with vast real estate expertise and vast legal knowledge accumulated through many litigation battles which he successfully navigated to resolution.

As of 2024-01-09, Michael Roberts owned over $15 Million worth of McDonald’s Corp stock as well as approximately 1,000 shares of W.W. Grainger Inc (GWW). Additionally he held significant holdings of Lumen Technologies Inc (LUMN) worth an estimated value of over $70,491.

Mike has dedicated much of his practice to representing those injured due to negligence or recklessness on behalf of others, such as automobile collisions or motorcycle accidents, serious falls occurring on commercial or residential properties, medical malpractice and many other causes. Mike understands that each injury can have different outcomes that have profound ramifications on clients lives – something his clients appreciate highly as each injury impacts their lives differently.

John Bolles attended The Bolles School before attending Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Among his professional affiliations are membership in both The American Bar Association and Florida Bar. As past president of Jacksonville Bar Association he also served on The Florida Bar Foundation Board. Several prestigious awards such as Super Lawyers list or Best Attorneys in America were bestowed upon John.

Michael, as founder of The Keepseagle Foundation, was recognized by Unboxed Philanthropy Advisors’ Philanthropy 100 list for his outstanding service and philanthropic efforts to advance indigenous culture. Additionally, he received the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian Elizabeth Seabury Mitchell Award in recognition of his tireless advocacy on behalf of Native Americans. Michael contributed funds towards various projects like Keepseagle Arts Center. Additionally he serves on both American Indian Agriculture Fund Board of Directors as well as Heritage Museum Boards.

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