Michael Kang Net Worth

Michael Kang Net Worth

Michael Kang is an American actor and film director best known for his role as Kimball Cho on CBS series The Mentalist beginning in 2008. Additionally, he has appeared on many other shows like Third Watch, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Chappelle’s Show Ghost Whisperer Monk as well as being a black belt in Taekwondo and emergency medical technician. Additionally he directed feature films Two Weeks Notice and Robot Stories as well as Emi Meyer’s track Happy Song’s music video; joining Directors Guild of America membership.

Kang was not born into an affluent household, yet through hard work and determination his efforts have paid off in spades – his achievements making him a household name across America and around the globe. But this did not happen overnight – it takes significant effort and time for such success to manifest in one person.

While starting his career as a violinist, he wanted to produce music that got people moving. So he switched instruments to the mandolin; eventually this led him into bluegrass music before jam bands took hold and eventually, this led to meeting members of The String Cheese Incident with whom he currently plays.

As of late, he has been acting in more movies and even made an appearance in Creed III as a cameo role. Expectations are that he will appear as Marvel’s next big villain; and estimates put his monthly income from various jobs, endorsements and ventures at roughly $500K per month.

The String Cheese Incident is an American jam band composed of Michael Kang (acoustic and electric mandolin, violin, guitar), Keith Moseley (bass guitar), Michael Travis (drums, percussion) and Billy Nershi (acoustic and electric slide guitar). While their exact net worths have yet to be publicly released online, most reports estimate between $1-$5 Million as their fortune.

Kang was born in South Korea on May 13, 1971 and has lived across a range of locations during his life; Indonesia, England and Germany before finally settling in California. He graduated from UC-Berkeley and previously held positions as both an emergency medical technician and ski patrolman in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Now living in Los Angeles and possessing a passion for both writing and directing films. He has written multiple screenplays and been nominated for the Geri Ashur Award in screenwriting, as well as directed, written a book, and composed music – winning various awards along the way! Additionally, in his free time he enjoys playing sports, working out, spending time with family, being an attentive father/husband/partner and striving to ensure their happiness.

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