Michael Goodwin Net Worth

Michael Goodwin Net Worth is $2 Million

Michael Goodwin Net Worth Is $2 Million Journalist, Political Columnist, Author, Television Producer and New York Post Contributor Michael Goodwin has amassed a net worth of $2 Million. He is well known as both a Fox News contributor and New York Post political columnist; also having written numerous books and producing several television programs including America’s Newsroom and After the Bell.

Goodwin joined forces with motocross racer Mickey Thompson to form Olipop, their racing promotion business. Within five years it had become one of the industry’s leading companies.

However, in 2022 the business ran into trouble when they were accused of hiring or conspiring the murder of the Thompsons – which took place allegedly in their driveway at home.

Mike Goodwin has always maintained his innocence throughout the case against him and is convinced that it was fixed against him, especially as regards Colleen Campbell and her vendetta against him. He has made this position public.

Ben and Lester began meeting regularly at a Palo Alto coffee shop to discuss his probiotic soda project, known as Obi. Though the price for Obi has never been disclosed publicly, Lester managed to raise $2.5 million from investors including Gwyneth Paltrow and the Jonas brothers as investors for its sale. Goodwin and Lester operate their company remotely while working together remotely to produce product that ships out from Palo Alto lab.

Recently, they have been hard at work developing Flutter – which they tout as more than just soda – which they claim is more than simply a soft drink. Instead, this revolutionary health drink – described by some as being similar to both soda and kombucha – can now be found at select Whole Foods stores.

These two have also been busy developing a new line of products that they aim to release later this year. Their plans involve expanding to other markets, with particular interest being shown by those located in the Middle East. Though details regarding future plans remain undisclosed, reports indicate they have begun working on something. According to reports, future products may include both existing flavors as well as some natural sweeteners and prebiotics – as well as creating a website for their brand allowing for easier tracking of sales and marketing initiatives.

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