Mel Kiper Net Worth

Mel Kiper Net Worth – How Much Is Mel Kiper Worth?

Are You an NFL Draft Enthusiast? Mel Kiper of ESPN is widely considered one of the finest in his field, providing rankings of college football players and predicting which draft picks teams will choose in each NFL Draft. While his job can be laborious at times, Mel has managed to establish himself as an industry expert – according to an article from The Big Lead he is worth approximately $7 Million!

Mel Kiper was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 25th 1960 to parents who loved sports. While in high school he played several different sports before attending Essex Community College; after that his life took an unexpected turn when Ernie Accorsi, general manager of the Baltimore Colts at that time, suggested that he become an NFL draft expert.

Kiper began writing amateur draft reports in the 1970s before eventually founding his own company. Since 1984, he’s been part of ESPN’s draft coverage, with his rankings becoming widely known. Kiper’s Big Board coverage ranks the top 25 college football players each week. Additionally, he voiced Actor in Madden video games as well as appearing on various ESPN programs.

He currently resides in Baltimore with his wife Kim since 1989 and they share one daughter together. A huge fan of college sports, he regularly watches over 25 games from his home office each week from college teams like Penn and Iowa State. Unfortunately his father passed away in 1988 but Rheta supported him throughout his career journey.

Kiper is very private about his personal life. An avid golfer, he travels frequently for tournaments. Furthermore, he loves spending time with his daughters and being around animals.

He is also president of his own company, Mel Kiper Enterprises Inc, where he produces many publications such as the NFL Draft Report and Draft Preview, in addition to having an in-office satellite antenna to enable him to track over 25 college football games per week.

Kiper is currently the third best draft expert worldwide and is known for his accuracy; only five pre-draft predictions he’s missed over 28 years were accurate! Due to this impressive record, he has gained an enormous fan base who value his advice; be it helping players advance further up in draft or providing mock drafts; his knowledge is indispensable and this makes him such an outstanding choice as sports media expert. He certainly earned his place among top media figures!

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