Maxmoefoe Net Worth

YouTube Star Maxmoefoe’s Net Worth

When discussing net worth, most people think of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities or billionaire investors. However, YouTube stars are becoming more common with significant personal wealth too; Maxmoefoe is an Australian YouTube star estimated to have an estimated net worth of around $1.653,750 according to estimates by WorthProof. His primary source of income comes from ads displayed on his channels as well as creating other content such as vlogs, gaming videos or humorous pieces for them.

Maxmoefoe, an Australian entertainer who rose to social media prominence with his humorous content, became well-known thanks to prank calls, challenges, gaming-related vlogs, collaborations with FilthyFrank and iDubbbzTV and amassing over 3 Million subscribers in just under 3 Years on YouTube alone! Additionally he hosts his second channel maxmoefoetwo as well as maxmoefoegames which offer gaming-specific videos.

Maxwell Joseph Stanley was born in Nannup, Western Australia and had three brothers and one sister as siblings; Earl made an appearance in some of Maxwell’s early YouTube videos and now resides in Parmelia, Australia.

At first, he played in a punk band called Your Judgement Means Nothing before transitioning to YouTube. His initial career on the site consisted of posting prank calls that gained immense popularity quickly. Subsequently, in 2007 he set up his own channel with funny videos garnering millions of views since.

His Instagram presence is vast, with over 560,000 followers. For the past year he has been in a relationship with Katherine Foxx, an aircraft attendant. They share pictures on both their social media accounts from time to time.

Maxmoefoe and Irene are currently working together on an exciting new project and we cannot wait to see the outcome! Maxmoefoe has been open about his sexuality, noting his preference for women who are intelligent yet presentable.

Maxmoefoe stands 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 65 kg, wearing an 8.5 dress size dress and having brown hair and eyes. A fan of Pokemon, Maxmoefoe enjoys spending time with friends. Unfortunately, as Maxmoefoe prefers keeping his personal life private it’s hard to know whether he has any relationships; we will update this page as more information becomes available.

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