Max Matsuura Net Worth

Max Matsuura Net Worth

Matsuura used his trend-spotting talent (senken no mei) to anticipate and identify dance music’s rise early. By studying his customers’ buying habits at his CD rental shop in Yokohama apartment, he could tell dance music would become big business and was eager to be part of it.

In 1988, he co-founded Avex Group – one of Japan’s leading record labels today – managing J-pop talents like Ayumi Hamasaki and PikoTaro as well as operating in other business domains such as anime and video gaming.

Famous for discovering and developing artists (notably Ayumi Hamasaki), as well as revitalizing Ami Suzuki after she left her previous record label, Max Matsuura is best known for hosting the weekly radio program Max Matsuura Work, Work, Play for Fun on Nippon Broadcasting System.

Matsuura first approached Komuro when she was midway through a moderately successful recording deal with Epic/Sony as part of TMN, yet Matsuura could see how her growing popularity made her ideal for dance music markets and persuaded her to sign with his company instead.

Matsuura serves as president of Avex Music Label, where he oversees all aspects of operation from talent development and production, financial management and aggressive business tactics to drive maximum profit maximization.

Matsuura enjoys photography and sports in his free time, along with being known as an exemplary hard worker and role model for his employees. His business acumen and distinct personality have won him great respect from many, as have his eccentric dress sense and affinity for fast cars he loves so much! Additionally, Matsuura is also known as an active philanthropist having donated generously to many charitable causes throughout Japan where he currently resides in Tokyo.

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