Max Keiser Net Worth

Max Keiser Net Worth

Max Keiser Net Worth is a broadcaster, filmmaker and journalist best known as an opponent of financial establishments. Specifically known for his critical and unconventional perspective on global financial crises. Max is known as an accomplished host for several popular shows as well as being an influential blogger.

Keiser has published numerous books. His most renowned show is the Keiser Report on RT, which covers economic and global affairs since 2009 and can be found across various channels worldwide. Furthermore, he advocates strongly for Bitcoin with an active following on social media.

He is often featured as a guest on popular shows such as The Alex Jones Show and Tucker Carlson Show, providing expert analysis on issues impacting middle class populations. Furthermore, he has given talks at numerous conferences as well as appearing in documentaries covering financial subjects.

Max Keiser was born in New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York on 23 January 1960. He attended local public schools before going on to earn a bachelor of arts from New York University in 1982. Following this he began performing stand-up comedy before going on to become a stockbroker – all the while remaining involved as radio host and presenter of several short documentary films on financial markets.

In the 1980s, he earned significant profits as a Wall Street stockbroker and trader, before moving to Los Angeles and producing and hosting television shows. He quickly gained notoriety for his controversial viewpoints and antics that keep viewers engaged; an outspoken critic of financial fraud who often challenged corrupt business practices prevalent worldwide; founding Karmabanque: an ethical short selling hedge fund dedicated to environmental organizations as a vehicle to support ethical business models.

Max Keiser has gone far beyond being just a host to develop and launch numerous groundbreaking products and services. These include his popular online game Hollywood Stock Exchange as well as creating virtual currencies that enable users to exchange movie stocks for cash. Furthermore, he has produced various financial-themed documentary films as well as written several books.

Max Keiser is known for being an outspoken supporter of alternative currencies. One of his first contributions to mainstream media was advocating Bitcoin; he started purchasing the digital asset when its price was under $1 per coin and is believed to own millions of coins today. Furthermore, he advocates gold investment with Heisenberg Capital company.

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