Matt Paxton Net Worth

Matt Paxton Net Worth – Hoarders Actor

Matt Paxton Hoarders has accomplished much in his life, becoming an internationally acclaimed celebrity and drawing people from all corners of the globe to him as an idol figure. His success can be credited to hard work and sound decision-making; now people look up to him as an example to follow and look up to him for guidance as an example to follow; though getting here was no small task.

Paxton hired a film student from Virginia Commonwealth University to film him cleaning out four homes of relatives who died within months. These videos quickly went viral, prompting producers of reality TV show “Hoarders” to call and ask Paxton to join. Paxton agreed and has appeared in every season of “Hoarders,” often helping those suffering from conditions that cause them to value possessions over living and relationships; including helping a family clear out their father’s home of 1,000 dolls collected over his lifetime, cat and bird collections and automobile collections among many other collections he’s worked with!

Kim Paxton and Paxton have been together for over two decades and share three sons. The couple reside in Richmond, Georgia together. Paxton also has one daughter from his previous marriage. Paxton has made many films and television appearances such as Indian Summer (1993), Mighty Joe Young (1998), U-571 (2000) Vertical Limit (2000) Frailty (2001) and Broken Lizard’s Club Dread (2004).

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s legal challenges against the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate in 2021 was closely associated with First Liberty in Plano. Paxton also attends Stonebriar Community Church and advises Insight for Living Ministries a Christian radio syndicate.

Paxton has also worked as an evangelist and missionary in Liberia. He serves on the trustee of William R. Tolbert Baptist University – a new university built to honor his maternal grandparents – which opened its doors this past August in Northern Liberia. Charity projects that he has participated in include National Disaster Relief Fund and Insight for Living Foundation projects; Fox News frequently invites him as well as conservative Christian conferences for speaking engagements; several books have also been written, plus columns written for “First Liberty” magazine as well as contributions to several publications – among many other things!

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