Matt And Abby Net Worth

Matt and Abby Howard – Estimated Net Worth

As the coronavirus pandemic spread, some social media influencers such as Abby Howard found themselves suddenly out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. She and Matt, another YouTuber, quickly found an alternative means of making money: creating viral TikTok dance videos which quickly rose in popularity – eventually enough that Abby and Matt could leave their day jobs behind and focus on their new endeavor.

They now make a living through YouTube and TikTok channels as well as working with brands. Their estimated net worth ranges between $2 million and $5 million and they are both represented by A3 Artist Agency.

This couple were both raised in Quincy, Illinois, and met during an 8th grade theater trip. Soon thereafter they started dating in high school before enrolling at Missouri State University together and getting married shortly thereafter – and shortly thereafter launched their YouTube channel shortly thereafter – only for their following to expand exponentially when TikTok made headlines during lockdown and they joined it.

They often include lifestyle-related videos on YouTube and TikTok such as Q&As, challenges, comedy bits and lip syncs – all delivered with charm by this couple. Furthermore, their openness regarding life together serves as an inspiration to other couples.

Alongside their social media platforms, the duo has also established a podcast where they explore deeper aspects of their lives. Recent episodes have focused on their relationship and parenting experiences as well as some of their favorite products and how they manage juggling parenthood with being YouTubers.

Although it’s impossible to know exactly how much the couple makes from their social media platform, we can assume they make a substantial amount. Their average video generates around five thousand dollars of ad revenue each day, meaning that over the year their ad revenues may total close to one million dollars alone.

Matt and Abby maintain multiple social media accounts in addition to YouTube, including an Instagram where they post photographs of their daily activities and travels, with over 426K followers on that platform alone. Furthermore, they have collaborated with many celebrities including Addison Rae, Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder – among many more!

Abby Howard not only collaborates with fellow influencers, but she also mentors aspiring social media creators. By offering guidance and advice to her peers, Abby helps expand their audiences and broaden their reach. Furthermore, Abby frequently makes appearances at social events to promote her brand while encouraging people to follow their dreams.

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