Marvin Winans Net Worth

Marvin Winans Net Worth

Marvin Winans is an American gospel musician and pastor estimated to have an estimated net worth of $5 Million dollars. Beginning his career as part of a gospel group known as the Winans Family in the 1970s before launching a solo career later on. His music can best be described as contemporary urban gospel with a soulful R&B edge – winning multiple awards including two Grammy awards! Additionally he is best known for singing at Whitney Houston’s funeral service.

Born in Detroit, Michigan to Delores and David Glenn Winans Sr. he is one of ten children. Together they are known as “Mom and Pop Winans”. David II (david’s twin), Carvin (his fraternal twin), Benjamin Daniel Michael Ronald Priscilla Deborah Angelique are all talented musically. Each has gone onto have careers within gospel ministry.

Winans has more than just his gospel career going for him; in addition to serving as pastor at Detroit’s Perfecting Church and owning the Marvin L Winans Academy of Performing Arts (WAPA), which was established in 1997. Additionally, he offers Christian-themed clothing line as well as various branches for his church across the United States.

As of mid-2016, he is reported to be worth an estimated $5 Million due to his career as a gospel singer and pastor and through the church that he co-founded.

Personal Life. Marvin Winans is currently married, having previously been wed to gospel singer Viviane Winans (nee Bowman). Their marriage lasted 16 years until their separation in 1995. Together they had three sons: Marvin Jr (Coconut), Josiah, and Mario Winans (Skeeter). All three are active musicians while Mario works in production.

Rumors have circulated recently about Marvin seeking donations for an extravagant new project. Many have supported his initiative; however, others criticise his asking for them when this money could have been better used on helping the poor in his community.

No matter his critics’ complaints, Marvin remains a successful gospel artist with an impressive list of accomplishments and awards. Not only that but he’s written several books as well as an autobiography! But what really counts is what he continues doing best: spreading God’s word through music ministry – touching lives while inspiring many along his way – we can only hope we see more of him soon! God Bless!

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