Marvin Harrison Net Worth

Marvin Harrison Net Worth – How Much Is He Earning Currently?

Marvin Harrison Net Worth: How Much Is He Earning Now?

Marvin Harrison is an American football player who played 13 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He is widely regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history due to his versatility and ability to make an impact wherever he chooses on the game. Throughout most of his career, Harrison was part of the Indianapolis Colts and won a Super Bowl in 2006.

How Much Is Marvin Harrison Worth?

Marvin is an acclaimed and successful NFL player who has amassed considerable wealth during his time playing the sport. He and his wife Dawne have two sons – Marvin Jr. and Jett – whom they raise together in their home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He owns several businesses, such as Chuckie’s garage, Playmakers sports bar and his mother Linda’s Italian restaurant. Additionally, he owns various other properties in the northern Philadelphia area.

Harrison was an outstanding star for the Syracuse Orange football team during his college tenure. He set school records in receiving yards and touchdowns during a season, earning him two-time All-American recognition.

In 1996, he was selected with the 19th pick in the NFL draft by the Indianapolis Colts and signed a contract with them.

He earned four Super Bowl championships while on the Colts, and was a five-time All-Pro selection. Additionally, he is inducted into the Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor.

Harrison boasts a number of endorsements and sponsorships. Additionally, he has featured in various commercials and films.

His social media accounts are frequently updated with pictures of his family and vacations. On Twitter alone, he boasts over 30,000 followers.

He proudly keeps each touchdown ball he’s ever caught in individual boxes and displays them throughout his home. Additionally, he owns a Chevrolet Impala which he takes great pleasure in driving around town in.

Marvin has achieved great success, yet not without struggle. In 2008 he was sued by drug dealer Dwight Dixon after being shot outside Harrison’s business. Despite all that, Marvin still struggles from time to time.

He is also a landlord who has built up numerous properties in the northern Philadelphia area. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur and owns his company Harrison Enterprises Inc. A great husband and father, Harrison always makes time for those close to him.

Harrison’s personal life has also seen its fair share of ups and downs. In 2008, he was sued by a drug dealer after being shot outside his property.

In 2009, a kid was injured while fixing shutters at a property owned by Harrison; thankfully, this wasn’t Harrison’s fault.

Throughout his college career, he amassed an impressive net worth that has enabled him to become an NFL star. He’s renowned for his speed and route-running prowess as well as his relationship with quarterback Peyton Manning. Additionally, he is a great teammate with high levels of integrity.

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