Marty Raney Net Worth

Marty Raney Net Worth

Marty Raney has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. He is still active in the entertainment industry and runs a successful business. As a result, his wealth will likely continue to increase over the next few years. He currently lives in California. For more information, you can visit his website.

Homestead Rescue

The net worth of Marty Raney’s Homestead Rescue is hard to pinpoint, as he is yet to disclose how much he’s earned. However, he does have a history in business and TV shows, and his efforts have helped people learn how to live off the grid. Despite this, Marty is not likely to have changed his lifestyle to make more money.

Regardless of the source of his wealth, Marty Raney’s net worth is substantial. As the star of the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Homestead Rescue,” Raney has made a considerable fortune from his work. His net worth is around $1 million, and he has several projects on screen that have made him a household name.

Misty Raney’s net worth is also impressive. The television star makes between $100,000 and $150,000 per episode for her appearance on the show. Moreover, her net worth is expected to reach $300,000 by the time she stops appearing in the series. Misty Raney is a farmer and a skilled construction worker who has become a famous figure through the show. However, while she may be the salt of the earth, she still lives a comfortable life. She and her partner, Maciah Bilodeau, own two homes in Hawaii and Alaska.

Career as a climber

In addition to being a talented climber, Marty Raney is a talented singer/songwriter. He found the perfect way to combine his two passions: mountains and music. After climbing Denali, he decided to build a guitar in the shape of Alaska. Marty also has other talents, including stone mason work, log home building, and subsistence hunting.

Born in North Bend, Washington, Marty Raney started his exploration career in 1974 and later climbed Denali for the first time in 1986. This feat made him famous and he started his own guiding expeditions company, Alaska Stone and Log Company, in 1986. He continues to guide expeditions for people around the world and is also a TV personality.

Aside from being an accomplished mountain climber, Marty also became a successful actor and singer. He has appeared in several films, including Spirit of Alaska, Han-Denali, and Surviving Denali. His sons, Matt, and Miles, were born in Alaska. Their father, a former Marine, moved the family to Southeast Alaska in 1974, and they eventually settled in Wasilla.

Family business

The Raney family is close and the business is run by patriarch Marty Raney. His daughter Misty is also involved in the family business. She is a certified mountain guide and has experience in building from limited resources. Her children have also taken on roles in the business. They are involved in building camps and working with clients.

Marty Raney has four children. One of them, named Miles, was born in a plane in the Yukon Territory. The other three are younger than her. Marty’s oldest daughter owns a rafting company, Chugach Adventures, while his younger children are mountain bikers and stone masons.

Raney and his wife, Mollee, believe that living without the luxuries of life makes a person more creative and makes family life closer. They climbed Denali for the first time in 1986, and they have been guiding expeditions ever since. They also own the Alaska Stone and Log Company, which is now run by their children. Raney also plays simple folk music and writes lyrics.


If you’re curious to find out how much Marty Raney makes, you’ve come to the right place. The star of the hit reality show Homestead Rescue is a well-known name in reality television. While most reality television stars only earn $40-60,000 per season, Marty Raney reportedly earns around $81,000 a season. This is an incredible sum for a star of a show that’s geared toward families and people who want to live off the land.

Raney grew up in the wilds of Alaska, and he thrives there. He also has a program called “Estate Rescue,” which helps people live off the land. Raney is married to Mollee Roestel, and the couple have been together for 44 years.

Marty Raney’s salary is reportedly $79 thousand a year, but this is not his only source of income. He has a large net worth that includes other sources of income, including his career as an Expedition Guide and his family’s stone and log business.

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