Mark Labbett Net Worth

Mark Labbett Net Worth

Mark Labbett Net Worth

British television personality Mark Andrew Labbett is best known as ‘Chaser’ on both UK and US game shows The Chase (UK) and The Chase (US). He also appears on several other television quiz shows and frequently participates in quiz competitions.

Mark Labbett has extensive expertise in quizzing and is widely regarded as one of the world’s top players. He has appeared on various popular games shows such as Mastermind and Countdown, plus BrainTeaser and SUDO-Q, among others.

The British quizzer has won a substantial amount of money on various games shows. He first won PS500 on Channel 5’s BrainTeaser in 2004, followed by prizes of PS1,500 on SUDO-Q and then an incredible PS32,000 at Millionaire Live.

In 2009, he joined ITV’s teatime quiz The Chase as a regular panelist and earned himself the nickname “The Beast” due to his vast knowledge and towering stature (Labbett sounds like la bete in French: “the beast”).

His successful career has netted him an impressive amount of wealth, reaching a net worth of $2 million as of 2022.

He has previously taught secondary schools and served as a supply teacher of mathematics and physical education. Furthermore, he holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Exeter, along with legal CPE and LPC qualifications from the University of Glamorgan.

He is also a question writer for Redtooth, an interactive quiz company from Barlborough near Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

As a question writer for Redtooth, Labbett is responsible for crafting questions on popular quiz shows such as The Chase, Mastermind, Countdown and Grand Slam. He has won prizes from these shows plus the National Jumbo Quiz in 2006 and European Quizzing Championships in 2005.

On The Chase, Labbett has earned a reputation for being an aggressive and tough player who often gets challenged with answering difficult questions. He’s also known for his record-setting clean sweeps in the show.

The Chase is a quiz show that pits teams of four contestants against one of its Chasers. Contestants must answer questions about their lives as well as a series of general and science-related inquiries.

Recent reports reveal The Chase star Mark Labbett has earned an astounding PS1 million over the past two years since his success on the show. His company Brainy Best Media Ltd filed accounts showing he paid out an eye-watering PS150,816 in Corporation Tax over these two years.

Report cites ‘a highly credible source’, quoting the highest-ranking official at HMRC as saying Labbett had paid out five times his tax burden over two years. Furthermore, report states Labbett gave himself a ‘dividend’ of PS158,000 from his firm’s coffers during this same time frame.

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