Margot Kidder Net Worth

Margot Kidder Net Worth

Margot Kidder was an award-winning Canadian actress most well-known for her portrayal of Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve in the Superman film series. Additionally, Kidder became an advocate for mental health by opening up about her struggle with bipolar disorder – helping destigmatize it while encouraging others seeking help if necessary.

Kidder was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada on October 17, 1948 to Jill (a history teacher) and Kendall Kidder (a mining engineer and explosives expert). As her family frequently relocated, Kidder attended multiple schools before graduating from Havergal College in Toronto in 1966. Kidder began her career by acting in local theater productions and television commercials before making her film debut with Gaily, Gaily (1969) featuring Beau Bridges. Her career expanded, appearing in several critically-acclaimed movies such as 1974 cult classic The Amityville Horror and 1975 horror flick Black Christmas. Additionally, she appeared alongside James Garner in western Nichols, while playing bartender Ruth in 1979 CBC television production Bus Stop.

Kidder made her mark as Lois Lane in 1978’s Superman movie franchise, an unforgettable role which propelled her to international renown, garnering both critical acclaim and the Golden Globe nomination and Saturn Award she had earned as Best Actress from it. Kidder would continue this success through various sequels as the iconic Lois Lane.

Kidder was also featured in critically acclaimed movies following her work in Superman films, such as Death Spawn (1996) and Body of Evidence (1984), among others. Additionally, she made appearances alongside Richard Pryor in Some Kind of Hero; Gene Wilder in Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx; and Peter Fonda in 92 in the Shade.

Kidder was a lifelong liberal political activist and supported many progressive causes, particularly environmental activism and anti-war initiatives; she was arrested multiple times while protesting nuclear power plants. Kidder became naturalized American citizen in 2005 in order to further these causes, contributing to CounterPunch as well.

Kidder was married three times during her lifetime: initially to American novelist Thomas McGuane and they had one daughter together named Maggie McGuane. Subsequently she wed actor John Heard for only six days before marrying French director Philippe de Broca from 1983 until 1984 – leaving a daughter and two grandchildren behind her.

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