Marc Ribot Net Worth

Marc Ribot Net Worth

Marc Ribot Net Worth is an American guitarist and composer widely revered for his expertise in various musical genres such as no wave, free jazz, rock and Cuban music. He has collaborated with musicians like Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Vinicio Capossela and John Zorn; additionally he is an accomplished banjoist himself! Marc hails from Newark.

He performed as part of many notable artists during his session work, including Elvis Costello (SPIKE, MIGHTY LIKE A ROSE, KOJAK VARIETY and FRANK’S WILD YEARS); Marianne Faithful’s BLAZING AWAY; Tom Waits (RAIN DOGS, BIG TIME, FRANK’S WILD YEARS, MULE VARIATIONS and REAL GONE); as well as John Zorn’s Masada Guitars and Bar Kokhba Sextet (John Zorn’s Masada Guitars and Bar Kokhba Sextet).

His style and collaborations have brought him much acclaim from critics and peers alike, winning several awards in music as well as being nominated for several more. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, his musical scores for Yoshiko Chuma’s dance piece ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT as well as documentary film JOE SCHMOE were widely applauded.

Content Creators Coalition, a non-profit organization committed to economic justice for creators in the digital era. He is an outspoken proponent of copyright protections and was involved in efforts to repeal censorship laws in the US. Furthermore, he has been involved in many lawsuits regarding intellectual property rights.

Marc Ribot has also become known as an accomplished record producer. His albums span the gamut from funk to avant-garde jazz; most recently his live album with bassist Shahzad Ismaily and drummer Ches Smith entitled Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog features both original compositions as well as covers of Velvet Underground songs and Jimi Hendrix Experience covers.

Personal Life for David Bowie Jr.: At present, he is single. At 69-years old he does not have any children but remains an ardent supporter of LGBT rights and has many fans worldwide; including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon who all admire his music! Fans eagerly anticipate new music from one of the most revered musicians worldwide, so we send our best wishes on his special day and hope he continues doing great things. He serves as an inspiring role model for all youth around the globe. Marc is beloved by everyone he knows and will long be remembered as a legend of jazz music. For years he has inspired us all with his inspiring performances – we love you Marc! Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or visit his YouTube channel if interested!

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