Marc Clotet Net Worth

Marc Clotet Net Worth

Marc Clotet is an esteemed actor known for his performances in many popular movies and television series. Specializing in Spanish filmmaking, his impressive credits include Estacio d Enllac, El Cor de la Ciutat, L Ultim Ball and Physics or Chemistry; these performances earned him many honors during his career and fans from around the globe. His acting prowess has garnered him worldwide renown.

Clotet was born in Barcelona, Spain on April 29th 1980 to Bonaventura Clotet Sala and Anna Fresquet and has one sister Aina Clotet who also models and acts.

Starting his modeling career by appearing in several Spanish magazines such as Showdown, he soon moved on to acting in soap operas and TV shows – his debut being 1997 with Tocao del Ala. Since then he has appeared in multiple other shows like El Comisario (on television). His performance there was outstanding.

Clotet made an impressive breakthrough in 2009 when he earned a leading role in La Voz Dormida, marking a key point in his acting career and propelling him toward greater fame and subsequent nomination for a Goya award for it. Since then, he has appeared in numerous movies and television shows like The Chessplayer, Sleeping Voice Caribe Mix El Comisario Les De L Hoquei Morocco: Love in Times of War among others.

Additionally, this actor has appeared in many prominent television series such as Estrella, El Caso and L Ultim Ball. Furthermore, his beautiful voice can capture many people’s hearts. Furthermore, his many awards for his work has increased his net worth significantly.

He has been married twice during his lifetime. First to Cuban and Spanish actress Ana de Armas in 2011, their marriage ultimately failed and they eventually divorced in 2013. Later that same year he met Natalia Sanchez whom he has been with ever since; together they now share two children – Lia and Neo.

Marc doesn’t just earn his living from acting and modeling work; he also makes good money through endorsement deals for products like Dior, Massimo Dutti and Lacoste. Furthermore, he loves traveling the world and spending quality time with his family in his free time.

Staying up-to-date with Marc Clotet can be done through following him on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. In particular, Marc is particularly active on Twitter where he frequently interacts with his followers and donates time and energy towards improving children’s education and healthcare – something which undoubtedly contributed to him reaching where he is today.

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