Magic Wand Head Attachments

Magic Wand Head Attachments

You should learn more about the various types of heads that are available if you are looking to purchase a magic wand. This article will cover the size, function, and price of different types of heads. Choosing the right head for your wand will depend on your personal preferences and what you’ll be using it for. Buying the right head can make the difference between your success and failure as a magician.


If you are looking for a new head for your Magic Wand, you have come to the right place. This toy is still quite new, but it already has a lot of potential. This accessory is more attractive than other accessories because it offers a variety of textures and sizes. If you want to add more sex to your Magic Wand, there are many different head attachments available. There are options for every budget and taste.

A male head is a great option if you are planning to massage your partner with your Magic Wand. These heads are made from silicone and thermoplastic rubber elastomers, and are completely safe to be used. The head is also shaped to provide massage vibrations to three separate areas. They are made from medical-grade silicone to ensure your safety. You can also get a male head attachment for your Magic Wand. This comes with a bonus head.

The Magic Wand head attachments designed for female wands may be slightly larger than those for male wands. The Doxy Die Cast head is slightly wider than that of the Magic Wand Original. The Magic Wand head measures 2.25 inches in diameter, or 5.715 cm. Some of these attachments will not fit on your Magic Wand if it is removed prematurely. You may want to use lubricant before you attach your new Magic Wand head. Silicone is also a non-porous material, so you do not have to worry about bacteria.

A pillow is a great option if you have trouble finding the right Magic Wand attachment. Although it is not the most expensive option, it is the most versatile and can be used for any purpose. It will protect your Wand and can be removed and washed. The Liberator Wanda pillow is a great option if you are having trouble finding the right pillow for your Magic Wand. It can be used with the Original and Rechargeable Magic Wands, as well as other similar-sized wands.


When it comes to magic wand head attachments, there are many options available. Silicone is a popular choice. It gives the tongue a real feeling and transmits vibrations to the core of your body. It is phthalate-free and works best for G-spot and clitoral stimulation. This head attachment fits a standard-size wand. The silicone head, which is tongue-shaped, disperses vibration to the body’s rounded nodes.

While there are many types of magic wand head attachments, the most popular one for women is the Body Wand G-spot. It features a smooth silicone body and is phthalate-free. It has a slim neck with a pointed tip and is 1.5 inches wide. It lacks a clitoral ear, but does have iconic rabbit ears. It is perfect for couples who want to play simultaneously.

Some of the other popular Magic Wand head attachments are designed to work with specific wands. Doxy Die Cast heads are slightly wider than the original Magic Wand. The heads of the Sinclair Institute Select and Wand Essentials Rechargeable are also 2.25 inches in width. You can also find other sizes. Measure your Magic Wand head to ensure the best fit.


Depending on your preferences, you can use different types of Magic Wand head attachments to customize your performance. Silicone cap: This cap protects your Magic Wand head from dirt and sanitization. Another type of cap: A silicone head attachment can be used to enhance the appearance of your wand, adding texture, lumps and bumps. They may also void the warranty of your Magic Wand.

Silicone Web: Silicone Web is another way to enhance your wand. This attachment attaches to the head with finger-like tips and vibrates. These wand enhancements can be inserted over your clitoral or vaginal area to allow you to target vibrations in the desired areas. This attachment is best for clitoral stimulation as it simulates the feeling of someone falling on you. It is not suitable for oral sex as it doesn’t simulate oral sex.


You can either purchase an Off With Your Head replacement head or a silicone one. You should never remove the head from your Magic Wand prematurely, as it will void the warranty and may also void the functionality of other compatible attachments. There are many different kinds of replacement heads available, so you should consider which one will best meet your needs. If you want to have the best experience, a silicone head is recommended.

The Body Wand Rabbit is another great attachment. Its 4.5-inch girth is ideal for stimulating the G spot. It also has a flexible clitoral arm. The Body Wand Rabbit is a cheap Magic Wand head attachment that provides three stimulation levels. The soft silicone material makes it a great choice for clitoral stimulation. It is safe and flexible for your clitoral area and makes it a great choice for both men as well as women.


Magic wand head attachments are available in different designs, shapes, and sizes. Some cover the entire wand, making it easier to clean. Some have been designed to protect the head from bacteria and germs. Others are made from thermoplastic rubber, which can’t be properly cleaned. For this reason, it is best to use a silicone cover for your wand. There are two types available for Magic Wand head attachments: the original and Doxy Die Cast. Both are available in smooth fuchsia and nubby purple.

When it comes to sanitizing with magic wand head attachments, you should always wipe them down after each use. Because they can accumulate lubricant or bacteria. You can avoid spreading germs by properly maintaining your wand head attachments. If you intend to share your wand, you will need separate attachments. You can disinfect them easily and reduce the risk of contracting STIs.

To disinfect the magic wand head attachments, you can apply water based lubricant to the tip of your finger or the inside of the cup. Lubrication makes it easier for the magic wand attachments to slide on and off. Moreover, you can keep the magic wand head attachments clean by using an Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner. You can prevent any potential damage to your magic wand by cleaning out the attachments.

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