Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth

Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth

Lyndsay Lamb Net Worth: Lyndsay Lamb is an American designer, real estate agent, television personality and business owner who co-owns Lamb Real Estate together with her twin sister Leslie Davis. She first gained prominence by appearing on Unsellable Houses show that Leslie hosts along with Lyndsay as hosts.

Lamb is an experienced marketer who has used that experience to amass an immense fortune for herself. Additionally, her success in real estate further expanded her wealth. Lamb stands out among renovators due to her strong design aesthetic that stands her out.

Her love for designing and her booming net worth have made her an increasingly well-known face, prompting people to seek more information. Additionally, she has appeared in shows such as HGTV’s Rock the Block and Unsellable Houses to gain even greater exposure.

She’s an early riser, rising at 6am each day to ride her Peloton bike before calling her sister for their daily agenda. Additionally, she takes time out from work each week to help care for Miles who was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 but now is completely cured after receiving 12 weeks of treatments including seven weeks of radiation treatments at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Lyndsay and her twin sister Lynsi are highly involved in their community through non-profit works and charity events, often working side by side. As close siblings they enjoy spending time together; Lynsi owns and co-owns Lamb and Co retail store located in Snohomish, Washington which sells all sorts of home decor and furniture items.

The twins enjoy working and socializing together, as well as spending time with their friends and family members. You may spot them traveling around in their Volkswagen bus. Their hard work has paid off tremendously.

The twin sisters reside in Snohomish, Washington where their favorite spots include Top It Yoghurt Shoppe and Oxford Saloon. Lyndsay married her high school sweetheart Justin Lamb and shared a son together; however they have kept details regarding their personal life quite private and do not plan on leaving anytime soon.

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