Loren Ridinger – Beauty Influencer and Internet Shopping Star

Loren Ridinger has revolutionized both the beauty industry and online shopping for over two decades, earning praise from publications like Vogue, Haute Living Magazine and more. As an entrepreneur and senior executive he has earned praise from influential publications.

Ridinger co-founded Market America, which she still leads from her headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. Additionally, she established cosmetics line Motives and solution-oriented personal care brand Fixx.

Early Life and Education

Loren Ridinger has revolutionized both the beauty industry and online shopping. Along with her husband JR, she founded Market America in 1992 as an established online retailer – starting from their two-room home they now host twice-annual empowerment conferences that attract over 25,000 attendees annually! Additionally, she has participated in charitable drives like Rally for Kids with Cancer.

JR passed away from a pulmonary embolism while sailing in Croatia during an August 2022 yacht cruise at age 63, leaving Loren in his wake with two daughters named Amber and Amanda. While Loren remains mostly private about her personal life, she does speak openly about entrepreneurship as well as mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Professional Career

Loren Ridinger is well-known as both a beauty influencer and businesswoman for her success and commitment to helping others reach their goals. Her story serves as an exemplar for aspiring entrepreneurs; with hard work and determination anything is achievable! Loren is passionate about personal development and believes strongly in creating genuine connections.

Loren Ridinger enjoys a strong social media presence, often working with celebrities and makeup artists. Additionally, she has her own cosmetic line called Motives by Loren Ridinger that has garnered her an international following. Additionally, she is a dedicated philanthropist working tirelessly for charitable initiatives based out of Miami Beach where she also hosts two annual empowerment conferences; among her friends are Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria.

Achievement and Honors

Loren Ridinger is an accomplished beauty industry star and philanthropist, known for her iconic style which has propelled her into one of today’s leading trendsetters, garnering her inclusion on Vogue’s list of 100 most influential women and being chosen by Haute Living magazine as one of New York and Miami’s prominent personalities. Additionally, Fashion Group International awarded Loren the Women of Substance and Style award.

As an advocate of entrepreneurship, she encourages others to follow their dreams and work hard towards realizing them. She prioritizes authenticity and transparency when building genuine connections with followers, with personal development always at the forefront. Cofounder of Market America as well as actively involved with many charities and philanthropic organizations she has made a significant mark as an individual and advocate.

Personal Life

Loren is a widely respected social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram. She specializes in beauty and culture and her opinions are highly sought after. Additionally, she hosts her own show called Loren’s World.

She possesses an in-depth knowledge of youth culture, which she draws on to position Motives brand in a hip new light. Additionally, she frequently appears live streaming platforms like Periscope.

JR was an iconic Miami personality and socialite known for being close with many notable people such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Scottie Pippen and the Beckhams. Unfortunately he died unexpectedly at age 63 due to a pulmonary embolism while on board his yacht.

JR and his wife Loren exhibited unfaltering support of one another until his passing, often attending major events together.

Net Worth

Loren Ridinger has enjoyed great success in business over her impressive business career, amassing an enormous fortune thanks to both beauty industry success and internet shopping success.

CelebrityNetWorth estimates Market America co-founder Nancy Dubuc’s estimated net worth to be approximately $300 Million. She has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations.

Her lavish lifestyle has also contributed to her wealth, with several luxury properties located throughout the US as well as owning a yacht.

Her late husband JR owned an estimated $20-million waterfront mansion in Miami that they acquired for $6 million in 2016. Additionally, they have placed their NYC condo for sale for $20 million.

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