Lois Nettleton Net Worth

Lois Nettleton Net Worth – Facts About the Late Actress

Lois Nettleton was an American actress of theater, film and television who amassed over 120 credits during her long career before succumbing to a brain tumor at 80. Below we explore her net worth, career stats and height – making this article your one-stop source!

She attended college at the Art Institute of Chicago before turning professional actor in 1949, appearing in theater productions such as ‘The Biggest Thief in Town’ and ‘Look Charlie’ as well as television programs like Studio One and Armstrong Circle. She even understudied Barbara Bel Geddes in Tennessee Williams’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ on Broadway!

She was nominated for a Tony Award and won two Daytime Emmy Awards, best known for her roles on General Hospital (Virginia Benson) and Accidental Family (Sue Kramer), Centennial (Maure Wendell) as well as guesting appearances such as In The Heat Of The Night, Fear On Trial and Cagney And Lacey).

Nettleton was married to Jean Shepherd for seven years until their divorce in 1967, during which time neither had children. Nettleton became known as an animal rights activist; volunteering at the Humane Society and participating in fundraising events for charities; she even hosted several charity benefit concerts – she is even considered close with Merle Haggard!

According to numerology, her Life Path Number is 7, indicating an inner journey and desire for knowledge and self-development. At present she is entering her personal Year 4 of this nine-year cycle; therefore it would not be wise for her to start any major new projects or make major plans at this point in time.

Lois Nettleton stands 5 ft 5 inches and weighs 115 pounds. She was an attractive and talented woman who worked tirelessly to reach her goals, becoming an icon even after her death. Lois will always be remembered fondly by those who knew her for her performances on screen and kind and generous nature; not forgetting all those she left behind like husband, parents, children, friends… Rest In Peace Lois Nettleton

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