Loaded Lux Net Worth

Loaded Lux Net Worth

At 34 years old and earning his living as a rapper, Loaded Lux has amassed a net worth estimated between $1-5 Million. Hailing from New York and making headlines since 2015’s release of his album Beloved 2, as well as featuring in Mac Miller’s song Red Dot Music; John Lucks (real name) was born August 26th 1984 with Virgo as their Zodiac sign.

Veteran of the battle rap scene and known for taking on some of the world’s top MCs. He boasts an incredibly versatile style with double and triple entendres being his specialty – something that sets him apart from many other battle rappers. Furthermore, his vocabulary seems sophisticated enough for him to express his thoughts well.

He not only competes in battle rap battles but is also an accomplished producer with various projects under his belt – mixtapes and albums released under his own label, the Lionz Den rap league as well as appearing in movies and TV shows! Furthermore, his current rivalry with another MC dates back years!

Battle rap has provided an outlet for some of America’s finest MCs to showcase their skills, with some even emerging mainstream. Loaded Lux has been an integral part of this scene for more than 10 years; his fights against other MCs have earned him worldwide attention.

In 2007, he battled fellow rapper John Ancrum and again in 2014. Additionally, he created the Loaded Hollows duo which appeared in several matches. Following an absence of six years from battle rap, he returned at URL’s Summer Madness 2 in 2012 and delivered an outstanding performance that was widely applauded by both competitors and spectators alike; his battle with Calicoe is widely considered one of Battle Rap’s defining moments as it helped shift general perception of its genre.

Lux remains relatively low-key despite his success in the rap industry and does not spend his earnings lavishly on clothes or cars. Instead, he owns a luxurious apartment in Manhattan where he often hangs out with Loxy – his pet dog. On the subject of relationships, he does not appear to be married and prefers keeping his personal life private. He has never been involved in any serious romantic relationships and doesn’t appear to have any children yet. Additionally, his Instagram account features regular posts featuring himself with friends and family members. Loaded Lux is an engaging personality and his followers enjoy following his updates. They anticipate his upcoming releases eagerly, eager to see where Loaded Lux takes his rap career in the future. Loaded Lux boasts an enormous fan base across America; they await his appearance at events or performances live on stage.

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