Ling And Lamb Net Worth

Ling and Lamb Net Worth

Ling and Lamb have quickly built an admirable following on social media for their captivating content. An American/Nigerian team who use both of their perspectives to produce videos that both entertain and inform audiences around the globe.

No matter if it be daily vlogs that detail their daily activities or humorous prank videos, this duo manages to engage viewers and keep them coming back for more. With their popularity came many offers from companies, increasing their net worth significantly over time.

This couple met and fell in love through sheer chance. Yinka Lawanson, commonly known as Lamb, was promoting an American music concert when he encountered Ling’s Facebook post featuring it; that moment marked when Lamb knew he had met his life partner.

Since then, they have formed an exceptional bond which is evident through their content. Their channel features food tasting videos, prank videos, sponsored content videos and sponsored ads with millions of views combined and numerous awards and recognition.

As well as their YouTube channels, Ling and Lamb have also created a podcast entitled Keep it Reel with Ling and Lamb which debuted on Apple Podcasts on July 27, 2021.

Taccara Rae, better known by her online handle “Ling”, has amassed more than 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube and boasts lifestyle and comedy videos on her channel which have generated significant income for her. Additionally, Ling also owns and operates her own nail salon business located in Norwalk Connecticut.

Born in Englewood, New Jersey and hailing from a diverse family background of African-American, Native American, White/European, and Portuguese heritage; she experienced various life lessons that shaped her perspective and persona. Fluent in numerous languages with a keen eye for detail.

Lamb, otherwise known as Yinka Lawanson, is one half of the beloved YouTube duo Ling and Lamb. A Nigerian-American with three siblings including Azubuka Peace Lawanson and Ayodele Koffi Lawanson as his parents played an influential role in his upbringing – along with TikTok followers that have grown substantially over time due to his humorous videos he posts online. His humor has attracted both YouTube viewers and TikTok followers with huge followings on both platforms. His parents Azubuka Peace Lawanson and Ayodele Koffi Lawanson were instrumental in his upbringing; both parents were Nigerian-American with Ghanaian roots; having three siblings total.

As well as producing entertaining content, the couple are engaged in charitable work. In 2021 they initiated the “Food Is Ready Project”, with a goal of feeding 1 million kids globally – beginning in Uganda – beginning by 2024. Their efforts have been applauded by various organizations, increasing their net worth substantially while remaining humble and grounded. They hope to keep expanding both online and business presences while remaining grounded individuals.

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