Line Cutterz Net Worth

How ‘Shark Tank’ Boosted Vance Zahorski’s Net Worth

Vance Zahorski is the founder of Line Cutterz, which makes fishing gear to help reel in more fish. After appearing on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2016, his product gained significant traction as its net worth increased significantly due to his appearance on this hit show.

Zahorski developed his line cutter after having an intimate experience. While on a boating trip with some friends, one of them hooked into an approximately 3-foot blacktip shark which caused immense tension to build in his line and nearly severed off one of his fingers. Inspired by this incident, he decided to develop a product which allowed anglers to quickly cut through their lines so they could release fish without risk of getting hurt themselves.

The Line Cutterz Ring is the end result, featuring a crown with two stainless steel blades designed specifically to cut monofilament and braided fishing lines. The ring can be mounted to any smooth surface for use with freshwater as well as saltwater fishing lines; plus it makes an excellent addition for hobbyists working with instrument strings or embroidery thread.

Vance went onto “Shark Tank” seeking $120,000 in exchange for 20% of his company, Line Cutterz. While Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec passed, Daymond John took a chance on Vance by agreeing to invest $120k for 33% stake of Line Cutterz.

Vance secured an agreement with John, which enabled him to increase production and expand his product offering. Now selling various Line Cutterz products such as rings, flat mounts and zipper pulls; as well as newer additions such as hook puller rings and lunker tamers he also plans on offering expanded services like hook puller ring lunker tamers for sale.

However, while they continue to sell line cutters as their core offering, they have also found a niche market for other products like their line cutter rings which can be used to cut other forms of cord or string lines as well as being an effective line cutter alternative. It is no wonder why their portfolio has grown over time.

Line Cutterz has since found immense popularity since appearing on ‘Shark Tank.’ As fishermen have come to recognize its value and take notice, its net worth is currently estimated at $2 Million as per 2023 estimates.

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