Lil Droptop Net Worth

Lil Droptop Net Worth

Rapper Lil Droptop is an established internet personality estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $100 thousand. He is best known for creating snitch rap songs which expose personal details about celebrities; to earn money he shares these songs on popular social media platforms where their videos generate massive traffic.

Lil Droptop maintains accounts on various social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram with over one million followers across these accounts. He earns money through these platforms by posting his satirical songs; additionally, he maintains a blog where his tracks can be found.

Lil Droptop has recently been creating new snitch songs. His most recent one featured Adam22 of No Jumper podcast fame; in it, Lil Droptop revealed numerous personal details such as phone number, car license plate number and social security number of Adam22 which went viral, prompting Adam22 himself to invite Lil Droptop onto his show! The song went viral leading Adam22 himself to bring Lil Droptop onto No Jumper podcast show as guest host.

This rapper has earned fame worldwide due to his hard work and dedication in the music industry, producing hit albums over time and winning numerous awards and nominations – currently making him the best-selling rapper worldwide!

He enjoys an enormous fan base on social media and is much-adored by them. Furthermore, he is an accomplished actor having appeared in several films and TV series as well as having many business ventures under his belt – making him one of the wealthiest rappers globally with a highly successful career path.

The Slump God quickly rose to fame within hip hop after making his debut with a mixtape entitled ‘Slaps for my Drop-Top Mini-Van’, featuring many hit singles including the single ‘Blow’.

Ski Mask is expected to remain an acclaimed figure and grow his net worth significantly within five years, as his fame and presence has made him a household name in America.

American rapper and producer DJ Khaled is an industry giant, boasting an enormous fan base. He is best-known for his controversial remarks and strong influence among youth; selling millions of albums such as his latest, “The Slump God vs the Slumber Party”.

Calvin Broadus is an award-winning rapper and Dre protege who was signed to Death Row Records. Since then he has released 16 albums, appeared in multiple Hollywood movies, produced gospel music himself as well as being nominated for 15 Grammy awards and winning several. Additionally he founded a clothing line and other businesses; eventually amassing an estimated net worth of over $65 Million dollars.

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