Lexi Wilson Below Deck Net Worth

Below Deck Net Worth – Lexi Wilson

Lexi Wilson created quite a stir during her stint on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6; now, however, she is embarking on an entirely different chapter in her life. A Bahamian stewardess, model and former beauty pageant titleholder she now works in TV as a presenter and has gained quite the fan following on social media due to her seductive appearance and dynamic presence.

Lexi has earned an abundance of money through her work on the show. Not only has she received her salary and tips from yacht guests, she has amassed a sizable following on Instagram which provided another source of revenue – although recently, after posting something negatively criticizing the show she reportedly took it private and is no longer making posts available to view on Instagram.

Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas she relocated to the US at an early age in order to further her education. Receiving a track and field scholarship and enrolling at Langston University. Later competing in Miss Universe Bahamas 2013 pageant.

As she quickly made a name for herself in reality television, she transitioned into working on board the Lady Michelle superyacht as a stewardess – alongside Malia White, Sandy Yawn, Katie Flood Mathew Shea Courtney Veale and Lloyd Spencer among others.

Wilson joined the show in 2021 and has already participated in six seasons as one of its highest paid stewardesses; she also regularly receives generous tips from charter guests.

She has also earned a considerable sum through social media, her modeling career, and modeling events. With an extremely svelte and toned figure and many followers on Instagram, she has amassed considerable wealth through these channels.

Lexi has not shared much information regarding her purported fiance; however, she often sports an enormous diamond ring on her hand and Malia White has hinted that it may belong to one. Lexi herself has not confirmed Malia’s speculation.

Lexi is currently unmarried but dating an attractive man who happens to be quite rich as opposed to her. They enjoy spending time together on yachts or exploring various cities together.

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