Lexi Brumback Net Worth

Lexi Brumback Net Worth – How Much Is Lexi Brumback Worth?

Lexi Brumback is an American television personality, social media celebrity, digital content creator and cheerleader born and raised in Houston Texas United States. She currently resides with Dominic Green as her significant other while maintaining an immense fan base through social media.

She is also well known for her appearance in Netflix’s 2020 popular TV show “Cheer,” where her performance earned her widespread exposure and made her a household name. The series follows a cheer team at Navarro College as it navigates drama ensuing from their practice session, garnering massive popularity worldwide.

Lexi Brumback has her own Instagram page where she regularly shares lifestyle, cheerleading, and fitness content with her followers. Her videos attract tens of thousands of views daily on this platform. In addition, she is active on TikTok where she regularly posts images and short videos featuring herself.

Her impressive talent and popularity have allowed her to amass an impressive net worth so far; estimates place it at around $500,000 USD which is quite an achievement considering she is only 21.

Lexi is well known as a celebrity, yet she has also expanded her portfolio by investing in various businesses and ventures. She owns her clothing brand “Lexi2legit” as well as numerous other interests ranging from painting to music production.

Over the past several years, Lexi has been working on a new venture; trying to establish her fashion brand. Recently she released her jewelry line named “Lexi Loves.”

Lexi Brumback’s net worth has steadily been increasing thanks to her successful career as a cheerleader and social media presence. She is highly paid model as well as part of popular reality shows “Cheer” and “Mean Girls.”

Popularity on social media channels such as Instagram has enabled her to generate significant income through content creation. Furthermore, her striking physique and attractive appearance have helped build up a brand.

Lexi Brumback can only expect her net worth to increase as she continues creating engaging content for her viewers. With her incredible talent and charisma, she will likely soon become an international phenomenon! Keep up your amazing work Lexi!

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