Korra Obidi Net Worth

Korra Obidi Net Worth

Korra Obidi is an extremely talented Nigerian dancer, singer, and model. She is one of the most popular women in Africa and has built an enormous fan base in the process. As a matter of fact, her net worth is estimated to be well over $10 million.

Anita Obidi Korra is a Nigerian musician

Anita Obidi Korra, better known by her stage name Korra, is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter from Nigeria. She began her career as a dancer and singer when she was young, and she later trained in Belly Dance and Classical Odissi. She has received praise for her enthusiasm and hard work as a woman and continues to gain popularity in her home country.

Before her career as a musician, Korra Obidi was a model and appeared in many advertisements and video clips. She also became a lead model for Black-Eyed Peas and walked the runways at the GTBank and Lagos fashion week events. She has also appeared in several high-profile features and is married to sports therapist and chiropractor, Dr. Justin Dean.


Born in the Delta State of Nigeria, Korra Obidi grew up in a family that valued education and entertainment. She attended the University of Education in Lagos and studied Business Education. As a child, she started singing in church, and later went on to learn belly dance and classical odissi. She gained a huge fan base and went on to become a renowned dancer.

Her net worth has grown significantly since her appearances on international and local runways. She has garnered over 400k in earnings from her modeling and dance careers. However, there have been some controversial incidents that have tarnished her reputation and her net worth.


Although she has not become a household name in the United States, Korra Obidi is an international figure. She is a dancer and a model who has performed on various stages in Africa. Born in Delta State, Nigeria, she attended Command Secondary School and graduated from the University of Lagos. She now lives in Los Angeles where she earns millions of dollars from various online projects.

The entrepreneur has been nominated for numerous awards. In 2017, she was nominated for Africa’s Best Dancer. She has also been recognized for her professional achievements. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million. While this number is unconfirmed, it is still impressive.


Korra Obidi is a famous Nigerian dancer. She was born in Nigeria but has since moved to the US. She met her husband, Dr. Justin Dean, through Tinder. The couple got married in December 2017 and moved to Los Angeles. They have a daughter together, June Chukwuebube Dean. They announced their separation in February 2019.

Her net worth is believed to be at least $400 thousand. As a model, dancer, and artist, she has a growing following on social media. She has over five million followers on Facebook, 1.4 million on Instagram, and about 1.1 million on TikTok.

Her husband is a sports therapist

Nigerian-born Korra Odidi and her husband, sports therapist Justin Dean, got married in July 2017 and welcomed their first child in July 2019. Their love story started on Tinder, where Justin worked as a sports therapist for the Chinese National Olympic Team. Justin and Korra first met when she auditioned for a show on the popular American dating site.

Korra Obidi’s husband, Justin Dean, is a sports therapist and a chiropractor. He grew up in Oregon, where he learned how to drive a tractor, combine crops, and harvest crops. He also earned a track scholarship in college, which gave him a passion for biomechanics and athletics. He was inspired by the limitations of the human body.

Her salary

Korra Obidi is a famous Nigerian dancer, model, singer, actress, and web-based media personality. She is also a married woman and has a daughter. She started out as a church choir singer before taking up dance. Her enthusiasm and dancing skills earned her a lot of praises and fans.

Although it’s hard to say how much Korra Obidi earns from Instagram, it is worth noting that her net worth is based on how many followers she has. This means that the Instagram ad cost depends on the number of followers she has. This is why the Instagram salary and net worth of Korra Obidi are inaccurate.

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