Kevin Tighe Net Worth

Kevin Tighe Net Worth

Kevin Tighe is an American actor with an estimated net worth of around 2.5 Million Dollars. This wealth was earned through acting and television directing careers that span back to 1967 when he made his acting debut as an extra in The Graduate. Since then he has performed in multiple productions at Pasadena Playhouse as well as receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Southern California. Kevin also made appearances in several TV films such as Another 48 Hrs, I Love a Man in Uniform and Newsies among many more.

Tighe has made numerous episodic TV and film appearances across both networks and cable, as well as major feature films, most recently his role as Brigadier General Ezra Mannon in Mourning Becomes Electra (2013) and Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo (TV movie), both based on novels written by Rajiv Joseph.

He has directed episodes for various television series. Additionally, he played Roy DeSoto in 1972-77 NBC show Emergency!. Additionally he has appeared in some soap operas as an actor as well as working in regional repertory theatre – most notably Martin McDonagh’s A Skull in Connemara at Seattle ACT Theatre where he portrayed gravedigger Mick Dowd.

He is best known for playing police captain Jack Reilly on Law & Order and lawyer/detective Richard Wescott on The West Wing – two recurring roles on television series that he also frequently appears in miniseries like Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood adaptation and Winchell as William Randolph Hearst, among many other performances.

Tighe is known for his acting and directing talents, but also excels as a writer. He has published some novels and short stories as well as co-writing several screenplays; in addition, he has taught acting classes before.

Tighe stands 6ft 1in and weighs 165lbs. With brown eyes and gray hair, he has two wives (Mary Lou Seaman was his first) but only ever married one daughter from each union: Rebecca Ann Fletcher is currently his bride-to-be.

Tighe has garnered numerous awards for his performances on stage, TV, and movies. These accolades include two Emmy nominations as Best Actor in a Drama Series as well as nomination for Genie Awards and several other awards. Alongside acting he also works as director and producer. Including Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The West Wing as examples he directed several episodes as director/producer as well as producing feature films/voice acting in Bob the Builder as voice actor he has lived in Skagit County Washington where he enjoys reading/hiking in his free time; participating in various fundraisers has also been part of his life.

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