Kevin Rinke Net Worth

Kevin Rince Net Worth

Whenever you hear of Kevin Rince, you probably think of his career as a television host and writer. But the truth is that he has also been an actor, a businessman, and even a politician. His net worth is currently around $5 million. That is pretty impressive, especially considering the fact that he was not only a minor celebrity in the past, but that he also had to deal with the scandals that he has had to deal with in recent years.

Business career

Currently the superintendent of the Fosston School District, Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in the education industry. In addition to his responsibilities, he serves as an advisor to the district’s board of directors and is a proud father of two. Previously, Kevin taught at Wadeda-Deer Creek and Park-Audubon high schools.

In addition to his administrative duties, Kevin has an entrepreneurial streak. He and his wife Victoria are in the process of converting the former Elastic Corporation of America facility into a family oriented entertainment venue. The aforementioned site has 48 employees and is currently booked for the foreseeable future. The city has a few hiccups to overcome, but this is only the beginning. Fortunately for Kevin, his wife is a jack of all trades.

The best part about this venture is that Kevin can now focus on what he truly cares about. In addition to the newfound freedom, he’s finally able to spend more time with his daughter, who turns 14 in just a few short months.

Family history

Having lived in Michigan for most of his life, Kevin Rinke has a strong family history. His grandfather founded a car dealership in southern lower Michigan. In the late 1980s, Rinke bought the family business from his father. He also bought a Michigan company that operated traumatic brain injury rehabilitation centers.

Rinke’s career started at age 10. He worked in an automotive company in the Southeastern Michigan area. He later worked for Penske Automotive Group.

Kevin Rinke has worked with executives at the highest levels in the country. He is also known for his leadership style. During his career, Rinke sat on every department in his company.

Rinke has made his business a success. He has expanded his Pontiac and GMC franchises. He also has added additional dealerships in the Midwest. He has 202 employees in his three dealerships. He has a Cadillac business that is third in the nation.

Political career

Despite the fact that he’s running in the governor’s race, Kevin Rinke is a political outsider. He’s a businessman who’s never held public office. He’s spent millions of his own money on a campaign that’s all about “the other half” of the Michigan political equation: the economy.

He’s a wealthy businessman with family roots in Michigan. He has been accused of sex discrimination, forcing employees to quit, and making lewd comments. He’s also faced a 1992 lawsuit.

He inherited his fortune from the auto dealerships of his father. He later bought a company that operated traumatic brain injury rehabilitation centers. He sold the company for $24.3 million.

Rinke also says he’s going to clean Michigan’s voter rolls. He’s pledged to spend $10 million of his own money.

He’s also promised to use the state police to catch irregularities on election day. And he’s said he’ll use armed veterans to keep schools safe.

Sexual harassment scandal

During his campaign to become Michigan’s next governor, businessman Kevin Rinke has faced accusations of sexual harassment. The allegations include sexually explicit comments and racial slurs. The lawsuits against Rinke have made the race for governor of Michigan very controversial.

The allegations against Rinke are particularly graphic. One lawsuit claims that Rinke made derogatory comments to a female employee, including making comments about her penis size and referring to her as a “black pig.” He also allegedly made derogatory comments at a social function.

Another lawsuit alleged that Rinke discriminated against a woman because she was black. Rinke reportedly called her at home and asked her if she had a matching bra and panties on. Rinke also made sexually explicit remarks to his personal secretary.

A third lawsuit claims that Rinke made derogatory remarks to a female employee. He allegedly asked her if her boyfriend was going down on her. He also asked her where she had stolen her car.

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