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Celebrity Net Worth – Ken Stabler

When discussing the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Dan Marino often get top billing. For Oakland Raiders fans however, Ken Stabler deserves equal consideration as he played 17 seasons with them during some truly iconic teams in the 1970s.

Kenneth Michael Stabler was an outstanding high school athlete from Foley, Alabama. He excelled at football, baseball and basketball – setting several records that still stand today – earning minor league contracts from both Houston Astros and New York Yankees before opting to attend university at University of Alabama.

Stabler first rose to prominence during college as a quarterback for Alabama Crimson Tide, earning himself the moniker “The Snake.” Following this brilliant college career, Oakland Raiders selected him in the second round of 1968 NFL Draft and soon after won four Pro Bowls under him and made history by becoming their inaugural Super Bowl champions in 1974.

After leaving football behind him, Stabler turned to television and radio analysis and wrote several books on football strategy and life. Unfortunately, in 2015 he succumbed to colon cancer at age 69.

Ken Stabler had an estimated net worth of around $300 thousand when he passed away, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He had three marriages: Isabel Clarke (1968-1973), Debbie Fitzsimmons (1975-1978) and Rose Molly Burch (1984-2009), having two daughters Kendra Stabler Moyes and Alexa Stabler Adams; his life path number according to numerology was 2. Aside from his impressive on-field accomplishments, Stabler was an active member of YMCA of Shoals where he supported youth sports programs; American Red Cross involvement as well as serving prison camp counselor for young offenders.

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