Ken Olin Net Worth

Ken Olin Net Worth – A Look at the Talented Actor, Producer, and Director

Ken Olin is an esteemed American actor, producer, and director best known for his portrayal of Michael Steadman on ABC drama series Thirtysomething. Additionally he has featured as Michael in other shows such as Criminal Minds and Falcon Crest as well as currently appearing on NBC show This Is Us.

Kenneth Edward “Ken” Olin was born in Chicago on July 30, 1954. After attending University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and moving to Hollywood in the late 70s, he started appearing in small roles on various television programs before taking over a lead role on Thirtysomething as it ran until its end in 1991. Seven years later he would make another appearance in its sequel film called Thirtysomething Sequel which followed its original characters through their second-generation descendants.

After Thirtysomething, Olin turned his focus more toward producing and directing. He would contribute to several movies like Queens Logic and Till There Was You as well as direct episodes for popular television series such as Felicity, The West Wing and Judging Amy. Furthermore, he contributed his talents to Brothers & Sisters which ran for six seasons and won various awards; Olin later joined This Is Us on NBC as executive producer.

He and Patricia Wettig have two children together: Clifford and Roxy. Since 1982 they have been married. He is also actively involved in supporting charitable organizations, such as Pediatric Epilepsy Project and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; in his free time he enjoys golfing and hiking.

Olin’s estimated net worth as of 2023 was estimated at $25 Million. He amassed his wealth through both investments and entertainment industry ventures; moreover, his hard work is highly respected by colleagues in all fields he works. Furthermore, his incredible talents as an actor, producer, and director set him apart.

He has been married to Patricia Wettig for four decades. A successful businessman, he also enjoys acting. Since he first entered the industry decades ago he has continued to impress audiences with his talent as an actor, producer, director, and main actor – becoming one of the most acclaimed in America today.

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