Katrina Bookman Net Worth

Katrina Bookman Net Worth – How Much Is Katrina Bookman Worth?

casino games are great fun, but what happens when we hit the jackpot? Katrina Bookman thought her life had drastically altered in 2016 when she received a message telling her she had won $43 Million while sitting down at Resorts World Casino in New York City’s Sphinx Wild slot machine.

As soon as she saw the message appear on screen, she leapt up in excitement and took a selfie to show that she had just won what would have been one of the largest slot machine jackpots ever in U.S. history.

But when she went to cash in her ticket, the casino informed her that its machine had malfunctioned and the jackpot was voided – making for what can only be described as high roller hell! In such circumstances, Queens woman has now filed suit against casino for $43 million in hopes that justice is served and she can finally enjoy winning at roulette! We wish her the best of luck.

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