Katie Sturino Net Worth

Katie Sturino Net Worth

Katie Sturino net worth represents the total amount she has amassed through her professional career as an entrepreneur, podcaster and blogger. She is best known for her popular blog 12ish Style as well as hosting its official Project Runway aftershow Behind the Seams. Furthermore, Katie is an established speaker having taken part in panels such as Goldman Sachs Small Business Summit; Harvard Business School Luxury Retail & Fashion Panel; Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Panel and Women’s Wear Daily Panels.

Katie has also written the book, “Body Talk,” and launched Megababe – an innovative skincare brand offering problem-solving products to women of all sizes. Megababe products help increase confidence among its users, and are now part of Katie’s personal portfolio. Additionally, Katie has appeared in commercials for Bud Light, Virgin Mobile and Weight Watchers brands.

Star is an avid philanthropist who donates much of her earnings to various charitable organizations. Additionally, she advocates for LGBT causes by supporting organizations dedicated to this issue; furthermore she strongly advocates body positivity by speaking out against hateful comments made online.

She is known to take great care in caring for her two chihuahuas, Cheese and Muppet. They often accompany her at red carpet events and other important functions; though Joe remains unidentified publicly. It is widely speculated that they are currently dating each other.

Katie Sturino makes an additional income stream through endorsing and advertising products on Instagram, where she has amassed a sizable following and many people share her posts. Furthermore, she even owns her own skincare line which specializes in anti-chafing solutions.

Her life path number indicates she is someone with strong motivations and goals who is dedicated to reaching them, hardworking and ambitious. As her career advances and wealth accumulates she will see success.

Social media influencer has an optimistic approach to life and is determined to achieve success, believing in her motto: “Anything you put your mind to, you can accomplish.” She works hard and is dedicated to her profession – her unique and appealing personality has garnered her many fans who appreciate her business offerings, leading her to reach new potential customers for her services and thus increasing popularity significantly within her field of endeavor. Her success and fame continue to grow rapidly as her popularity is skyrocketing, becoming an inspiration to many striving to realize their dreams while her dedication and drive have allowed her to build up an impressive following on her social media platforms – giving many hope of accomplishing their own ambitions!

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