Kathy Romano Net Worth

Kathy Romano Net Worth – How Much Is Kathy Romano Worth?

Kathy Romano is an esteemed American journalist and podcaster, best known as part of the daily Preston and Steve show on 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia as well as hosting Her Story there. A resident of Conshohocken, she’s engaged both professionally and charitablely across our area – using her remarkable communication skills to raise both awareness and money to meet local needs.

Born and raised on Long Island, New York with American nationality, she credits foster siblings as having had an enormously beneficial effect on her life and persona. Today she resides with a small family of her own while happily married to an unnamed man – currently principal at William Tennent High School in Warminster – they share one son. Additionally, both of her parents moved close by after years in Levittown so she loves spending time with them both.

Early in her career, she held positions as both a television producer and radio host. Balancing these roles with personal obligations, she eventually found success – working at several popular stations in Philadelphia before later moving to New York City area stations where she hosted various shows known for their upbeat personalities and thirst for knowledge about life around them.

Kathy enjoys an immense global fan base. She has earned numerous awards and become one of the leading voices in her field due to her hard work and determination, reaching this level of success in only a short amount of time.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading books and travelling. With an excellent sense of humor and the ability to keep audiences amused with witty remarks, her popularity has skyrocketed; no surprise she’s amassed such a large fan base!

Romano is an avid supporter of charity and has given generously of both her time and money to various causes. Additionally, she runs a foundation which encourages children to remain physically active while following their dreams – she believes it’s essential for kids’ development across social, emotional, intellectual, physical and behavioral areas in a positive atmosphere.

She stands 5 feet and average weight. Her healthy lifestyle includes avoiding unhealthy foods as much as possible and focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean meats for nutrition. At 50 she is still in great shape despite all this and serves as a role model for many young women, encouraging them to lead fulfilling and successful lives – not forgetting that her show has received numerous positive reviews nationwide!

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