Kathryn Crosby Net Worth

Kathryn Crosby Net Worth

Kathryn Crosby is an iconic American actress with an estimated net worth of $20 Million, earned through a career as singer and actress appearing in multiple movies and TV shows throughout her life.

Crosby graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. She first started out modeling, but has since transitioned into acting – appearing in movies such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Oscar-nominated film “Rear Window”.

She is best-known for her work on “The Bing Crosby Show.” Additionally, she is involved with various charitable organizations.

Crosby was born November 25th 1933 on Life Path 7. People born during this year tend to embark upon spiritual quests while simultaneously seeking ways to better themselves.

Kathryn Crosby has enjoyed an illustrious 60+ year acting and singing career that includes films like “Anatomy of a Murder”, “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad”, and “The Big Circus”. Additionally, Kathryn is most well known for her role on “The Bing Crosby Show”.

Since becoming an actress, she has been nominated and won multiple awards, such as the Golden Globe Award and Primetime Emmy Award. Due to this success in the industry, she has become a well-known celebrity figure.

Kathryn Crosby is an accomplished singer. She has released many albums over time; most notably “Love Songs,” released in 2010. This record includes some of her favorite love songs. Additionally, Kathryn also recorded both “Songs for Children” and “Songs for Adults.”

Crosby is an accomplished dancer, having won numerous dance competitions during her career. Though currently retired from acting and singing roles, she still remains actively involved in many charitable causes.

Kathryn Crosby lost her husband Bing Crosby in 1977. She later married Maurice William Sullivan and is currently living in California at age 87.

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