Karen Fairchild Net Worth

Karen Fairchild Net Worth – How Much Is Karen Fairchild Worth?

Karen Fairchild has been performing country music since the 1990s. A mainstay on country music playlists, she has earned more than half a dozen awards for her efforts and is part of Little Big Town, who have also been nominated and won multiple awards themselves. They boast an immense fan following as they tour extensively.

Born in Gary Indiana and growing up in Marietta Georgia with her siblings and working class parents (whose names remain unidentified by the public) Kelly Fairchild became her sister after graduation from Samford University in Birmingham Alabama where she met future bandmates Kimberly Schlapman and Philip Sweet.

After graduating, Fairchild moved to Nashville and embarked on her music career. She initially sang as lead in several of Truth’s songs before leaving to form a musical duo with Leigh Cappillino – during this period Kimberly Schlapman and Jimi Westbrook would become part of Little Big Town and its journey began.

As part of a band, Karen Fairchild has earned considerable income and can afford an extravagant lifestyle. However, she prefers keeping her private life discreet; not much has been revealed about her personal life and marriage; though she is married to bandmate Michael Slade and has one child of their own.

Fairchild is not only known for her singing talents; she is also an experienced businesswoman. She owns her own clothing line and participates in joint ventures with both her husband and bandmates; including an impressive wine club venture which has proven quite profitable.

At present, Karen Fairchild is estimated to be worth between $10-30 Million. Her primary source of income comes from singing for Little Big Town; which has proven extremely successful over recent years and become an indispensable component in the music industry.

She generates other forms of income through investments and endorsements; her salary and earnings are unknown at this time. The singer possesses an impeccable sense of style, always sporting designer wear from Fair Child clothing line; as an avid fashionista she also shops vintage and flea markets to find new looks to wear. With such an elegant wardrobe and comfortable lifestyle in which to live her classy taste in fashion has become her trademark, making her an inspiration to young girls around the globe; an example of how hard work and perseverance can help achieve our dreams.

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