Kamiyah Mobley Net Worth

Kamiyah Mobley Net Worth – How Much Is Kamiyah Mobley Worth?

Kamiyah Mobley made headlines worldwide when her infant was taken from a Florida hospital and raised by her kidnapper after just eight hours of life. Niecy Nash, Rayven Symone Ferrell and Ta’Rhonda Jones star in Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story movie.

The film centers around Gloria Williams abducting Kamiyah from a Florida hospital as she was being checked for fever. Once back home in South Carolina, Gloria raised Kamiyah as her own child despite knowing what had occurred; Kamiyah knew of Gloria Williams’ actions but kept contact with her mother as opposed to abandoning them completely.

At last, following a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, police tracked Kamiyah down in South Carolina where she lived under her birth name of Alexis Manigo. A DNA sample taken at birth matched with that taken from Kamiyah’s biological parents who were delighted to know she had been found safe again – they even used FaceTime to bond together before breaking out in tears of joy over meeting again!

Williams was an educated and devout Christian woman who provided care to veterans, her elderly parents and Kamiyah. However, she was charged with kidnapping and interference with custody; ultimately she was sentenced to 18 years of incarceration last month.

Witnesses at Williams’ trial testified that she was involved in an abusive relationship and desired a child as part of passing down her legacy. Shortly before Kamiyah’s abduction, Williams suffered miscarriage and then later used pseudocyesis – inducing symptoms of pregnancy without actually becoming pregnant – to conceive Kamiyah through pseudocyesis. Williams already had two sons from her previous marriage who she kept the phantom pregnancy secret in order to safeguard.

Although Kamiyah and her biological parents have found common ground since meeting again, they still do not speak openly. A recent interview on Iyanla Vanzant’s show with Kamiyah’s biological mother proved tumultuous when Kamiyah began using foul language while making threats of assaulting her; Vanzant was forced to abruptly end this segment of the program.

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