JZ Knight Net Worth – Who is JZ Knight?

A doctor in this sleepy corner of Thurston County sent a letter to the health department alleging that JZ Knight forced followers to drink lye-laced solutions, causing sickness among them.

He had every cause to worry. Knight has drawn hundreds of followers to her property where she purports to channel a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit named Ramtha.

Early Life and Education

JZ Knight was born Judith Darlene Hampton near Roswell, New Mexico and raised as an impoverished orphan with an abusive history that marked her childhood and later life. As an adult she would become known for her nonstop talking style filled with malapropisms. Unfortunately she suffered through several abusive husbands which only compounded this situation further.

She claims to be channeling a 35,000-year-old spirit warrior named Ramtha and charges students thousands of dollars to attend her seminars ($1,000 per break). Additionally, she owns the copyright to him and makes millions from selling tapes and books bearing his image.

RSE community members view Knight as a dangerous cult leader and accuse her of fomenting an oppressive atmosphere at school as well as fomenting hatred toward Mexicans, Jews, and Catholics. Both Coverdale and McCarthy seek to expose Knight as bigot and her students have increasingly voiced displeasure with her drunken anti-Catholic/anti-gay rants.

Professional Career

Born Judith Darlene Hampton near Roswell, New Mexico a year before its famous UFO sighting, Knight would experience numerous encounters with extraterrestrial life forms throughout her lifetime.

At her sprawling Washington state property, Ramtha School of Enlightenment operates under her guidance, purporting to channel the spirit of an ancient warrior god 35,000 years old. For outsiders looking in, this can appear as either a cult, religion or harmless bit of pseudoscience.

The school website claims Knight, commonly referred to as “The One,” represents an ancient warrior from Lemuria or Atlantis waging war across both continents and her teachings are meant to change the world for good. Her seminars cost $1,000 each and she makes millions through donations and book sales alone.

Achievement and Honors

JZ Knight, 65, is the leader of RSE, an expanding cult that claims she channels the spirit of an ancient warrior god named Ramtha who lives for 35,000 years. Knight holds copyright rights for Ramtha’s teachings and amasses millions from conducting seminars at her school for $1,000 per person while selling tapes, books, and accessories related to Ramtha.

At Yelm’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington, Knight has repeatedly made remarks that offend Catholics, gay people, Mexicans, organic farmers and Jews — often to audience approval. Additionally, Knight has contributed generously to Democratic county and state party committees while declining interview requests from journalists.

Jupiter in Libra is her ruling planet and promotes diplomacy and an awareness of fairness; it encourages standing up for what you believe in even when confronted by critics and haters. Other celebrities with this aspect include Keith Richards, Lana Del Rey, Jeon Jungkook and Florence Griffith Joyner.

Personal Life

JZ Knight, founder of Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington has given to Republican political action committees as well as President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. Furthermore, Knight owns an elegant French chateau-style residence worth millions in Yelm.

Born Judith Darlene Hampton near Roswell, New Mexico in 1946, she earned the moniker “Zebra” due to her preference for black and white clothing choices and worldview as a teenager. Married and with two children before moving to Tacoma where she channeled a 35,000 year-old Lemurian spirit named Ramtha from ancient Lemuria.

In 2012, former RSE students released videos featuring Knight speaking as Ramtha with anti-Semitic statements that shocked public perception of her teachings and her school. Yet she continues to attract thousands of followers to its gated school in Yelm, Washington.

Net Worth

Former new age teacher JZ Knight claims to channel Ramtha, an ascended warrior from Lemuria/Atlantis long thought extinct, who serves as both an ascended master and teacher of universal truth and peace.

He uses her to speak at seminars ($1,000 each), the school, and write written texts; additionally she earns from sales of books and tapes, though her total revenue remains unclear.

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment Head Mary Knight contributes hefty political donations in her county that is known for leaning blue. Additionally, Knight has contributed significantly to both Democratic and Republican groups; including Trump’s presidential campaign – reflecting her shifting political beliefs.

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