Justus Parmar Business

Justus Parmar is a multi-talented entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has co-founded three companies with a combined market cap of more than $2 billion and mentors over 100 youth, as well as contributing to a variety of nonprofits. He recently redesigned the home of Kari Whitman, a billionaire philanthropist.

The founder of the Justus Parmar Group, a wealth management firm with twelve employees, has a wealth of experience in business, and has helped many companies grow. Founded fourteen years ago, Justus Parmar has invested more than $300 million and helped two dozen companies go public. Justus Parmar is also an active mentor to young finance students, having contributed more than $250,000 in scholarships to students from the University of British Columbia.

Despite a demanding career, Justus Parmar also manages a full-time family life and maintains a balance between work and personal life. He serves on several community boards and contributes to a scholarship fund for children in need. His family is his biggest priority, and he makes time for his wife and two children.

After working in the investment industry for 14 years, Justus Parmar launched his own firm in 2015. The company has raised over $300 million for over 125 early-stage companies. Parmar enjoys giving back to the community, and volunteers to help the Justus Parmar Group Scholarship Foundation raise money. He also has a passion for writing and running a restaurant.

Kari Whitman, an award-winning interior designer, was commissioned by the Justus Parmar Group to redesign the home of his philanthropist and entrepreneur, Justus Parmar. The result is a striking home that is reminiscent of the art deco era. It features dramatic skylines, gilded ceilings, and an oversized fireplace.

After 14 years in the industry as an investment adviser, Justus Parmar has established a business that has raised over $300 million and helped over two dozen companies go public. He is a CFA charterholder and licensed in Canada and the U.S. His company employs a dozen people in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Barbados. Justus Parmar balances his work with his passion for running an online restaurant and writing.

The entrepreneur justus parmar founded Fortuna Investments and currently has offices in Toronto, Barbados, Israel, and Tanzania. He is also a board member of Face of Today and is a major donor to the organization. Justus Parmar is a strong advocate of education and has worked to remove financial barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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