Julia Lemigova Net Worth

Julia Lemigova Net Worth

Julia Lemigova is well known as Martina Navratilova’s wife, as well as an internationally acclaimed model, businesswoman and philanthropist. Her remarkable life story can be read about here; while her net worth showcases her hard work in making an impactful difference.

Lemigova, a Russian-American who currently stars on reality TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Miami, has amassed an impressive net worth estimated to surpass $3 Million.

She was once Miss USSR and has represented her country at multiple beauty pageants since starting her beauty career in the early 90s. Since then, she has become a familiar sight on national and international pageant circuits.

Her first major appearance came at Miss Universe 1991, though she did not win, she did finish as second runner-up and this is when she met Edouard Stern who would later become her future husband.

Stern was an eccentric banker and well-known yachtsman who amassed wealth through the stock market and an inherited shipping company. Additionally, his financial success saw him amass an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures that would soon rival any museum collection.

Stern and Lemigova experienced an arduous relationship, wherein despite their affection, he became involved with various mistresses. Additionally, his work schedule made parenting less than ideal – rarely having time for quality family time with their children. Tragically, in March 2021 their son Maximilien died under Stern’s care from shaken baby syndrome due to exposure to diazepam which was initially classified as accidental; however a subsequent hidden autopsy found traces of diazepam present in his system and thus his death was declared accidental; however an underground autopsy showed diazepam presence within his system despite this being declared accidental upon autopsy revealment of diazepam present within his system which caused death ruled accidental but was later revealed as having caused by exposure.

Lemigova has had a difficult past but she has still found great success in her endeavors and continues to rise in the fashion industry. Aside from real estate investments, she has expanded her portfolio by diversifying into other businesses; creating Joiya Spa in 2003 and Russie Blanche in 2009.

Julia is an accomplished businesswoman committed to improving both physical and mental wellbeing. Her social media channels enjoy strong followings, and she regularly interacts with her followers – in particular LGBTQ community members – by actively engaging. Furthermore, Julia has supported numerous charitable causes.

Entrepreneur and role model to many women, she has inspired young girls everywhere to reach for their goals. Her story serves as an inspirational tale.

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