Judy Dupart Net Worth 2022

Big Booty Judy Net Worth 2022

Jesseca Harris Dupart, known by many as Big Booty Judy, is an acclaimed Louisiana-based entrepreneur and founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. Her business generates more than $12 million each year and she boasts more than 2 million Instagram followers – as well as being an investor in real estate as well as mentoring, teaching, and authoring God’s Truth books.

Born February 12th 1982 to Evelyn and Jesse Anthony Dupart, she is of African-American heritage and an American citizen. She attended Warren Easton Charter High School where her outspoken nature saw her expelled from several schools before eventually finding one of New Orleans’ premier cosmetology programs to learn her trade.

As a beauty and fashion entrepreneur, she has ventured into various business endeavors. These include owning and operating a successful hair salon and becoming an established YouTube content creator; her videos have amassed massive viewership on YouTube; she even launched her own range of hair extensions and accessories!

Big Booty Judy has achieved great success due to her hard work and devotion to her craft of creating unique yet trendy styles – something her fans admire immensely. Her style has become associated with empowerment and accepting your natural beauty.

Her successful entrepreneurship has yielded enormous dividends, which can be seen by her staggering net worth of more than $6 Million. She has also seen significant returns from starring on WE TV reality show Brat Loves Judy alongside rapper Da Brat.

She is active on all major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; with Instagram posts often receiving thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from her followers – helping build an audience dedicated to her brand.

At 17, she became pregnant for a second time and gave birth. This made her one of only a handful of teen moms ever in America! In addition to running a successful business, she’s also a dedicated mother to three children whom she gave birth to at age 15. Her parents kicked her out when she became pregnant for the third time; however, she did not reveal who the father was. Since then, she has been in a relationship with rapper Da Brat and is expecting their child together. Jesseca also has one daughter from her previous relationship; their journey together will be chronicled on season three of their reality show. Jesseca’s family life is full of happiness and love, which shines through in both her work ethic and business acumen. She serves as an inspirational figure who encourages others to follow their own dreams.

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