Joshua John Miller Net Worth

Joshua John Miller Net Worth

Joshua John Miller is an established American actor and screenwriter, known for his many performances in movies, television shows and short films such as ‘The Final Girls’ and its drama sequel Queen of the South. Additionally he is famous for his eccentric screenwriting techniques.

Born December 26, 1974 in Los Angeles, California and having made his film debut at eight in Halloween III: Season of the Witch he went on to star in numerous successful films and TV shows including River’s Edge, Near Dark Teen Witch Class of 1999 21 Jump Street 21 Jump Street Class of 1999 Class of 1999 Class of 1999 Class of 1999 21 Jump Street Class of 1999 21 Jump Street Class of 1999 21 Jump Street guest staring roles include ER Boston Public The Guardian Without Trace

As well as his acting career, he is also an author. His first novel, The Mao Game, was published in 1997 and follows a fifteen-year-old child star’s struggle against heroin addiction and memories of past sexual abuse. Since then it has been adapted for film several times; most recently appearing as part of 2017 Lifetime movie 17 Again.

His other works include the short film Dawn (2014) and a pilot for USA Network series Queen of the South. Additionally, he collaborated with M.A. Fortin to write the screenplay for horror film Howl and has written articles for Harper’s Bazaar, Playboy, and Esquire as well as acting as Jinky in The Wizard of Gore in 2007.

Joshua John Miller is an American citizen and adheres to Christianity religion. He currently resides with his family in Los Angeles with two children. Joshua John is also an active social media personality with over 1.5 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts; an estimate puts his net worth as of 2023 at over $1.4 Million.

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