Jordan Cheyenne Net Worth

Jordan Cheyenne Net Worth

Jordan Cheyenne is a popular YouTube Star known for her beauty and lifestyle vlogs. Additionally, she posts fitness videos and Q/A rounds. Jordan is also a single mother with son named Christian whom she shares custody with. Additionally, Jordan runs her own brand called

As of 2023, she boasts over 5.4 million YouTube subscribers and earns money through posting advertisements. Additionally, she has written books teaching people how to create and expand their social media followings as well as starring in various television shows and films.

Boss Babes is her popular podcast where she explores effective methods of making money online. Additionally, she has collaborated with Invesco QQQ to organize The Legacy Classic men’s college basketball showcase featuring student athletes from historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Cheyenne moved with her family from Australia when she was still young, where both Christopher Whelton and Tara Langello, her parents are businesspeople; Jordan also has an older brother Dominick Whelton who is popular YouTuber.

Jordan Cheyenne Net Worth Although popular on YouTube, Jordan Cheyenne has at times come under scrutiny by members of the public over some of her content. She first came under scrutiny in September 2021 after posting a video in which she encouraged her son to fake cry so as to pose for a thumbnail for one of her videos – this video eventually received widespread condemnation and was deleted upon receiving many complaints; later she issued an apology video and offered further clarification about what had transpired.

A passionate traveler, this YouTube vlogger enjoys sharing her adventures on her channel and personal blog. Her other interests include photography and writing; she has an avid appreciation for makeup products from brands such as L’Oreal and Benefit Cosmetics – some of her favorites being L’Oreal and Benefit Cosmetics.

Cheyenne is an animal enthusiast with a pet dog named Coco. For two years she has been vegan, taking Coco on hikes and camping trips as well as participating in charity events and fundraisers.

Jordan Cheyenne was born February 13 in the United States as an Aquarius and currently stands at 30. As of 2021, she is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, social media influencer and blogger from America. She is well known for her vlogs and lifestyle videos posted to her official channel which cover topics like makeup, fashion, travel and family life – such as affordable beauty product hauls. Christian often appears alongside Jordan for daily vlogs while their videos also include DIY health hacks for single mothers – popular among female audiences worldwide – in addition to YouTube Jordan has also released an e-book and motivational courses to encourage followers in her audience.

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